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King Charles III has been allowed to personally pay for Prince Andrew’s private security after allegedly refusing to do the same for Prince Harry

December 20, 2022

King Charles III may be paying for his brother Prince Andrew’s private security service after failing to do so for his son Prince Harry. His Majesty will reportedly end the Metropolitan Police’s taxpayer-funded protection of the Duke of York and likely grant him personal protection instead.

Prince Harry has asked his father to give him and his family protection after they leave the royal family, but to no avail. After turning down his youngest son’s alleged request, it looks like King Charles is ready to do it for Prince Andrew.

Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice’s father resigned from public office in 2020 after being embroiled in a major controversy over his association with criminal sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. He has since led a private life of constant protection from publicly funded bodyguards, worth £3million a year.

Now Queen Elizabeth II is no longer there and has been replaced by her heir to the throne. King Charles has reportedly decided to cut his brother’s public funds – almost a year after her mother stripped him of honorary military memberships and royal fundraisers.

Still, the Sun on Sunday claims the monarch could personally protect his brother, even if he could only carry a stun gun.

As king, Prince Andrew still has the right to have bodyguards from the Protection Command, the Metropolitan Police’s special unit. These are usually plainclothes officers licensed to carry firearms who escort royals in public.

However, private security officers can also come from other companies and are not allowed to carry weapons. They can only bring tasers to defend their customers.

Sure, Prince Andrew is still royal. But he returned his military and royal patronages to Queen Elizabeth earlier this year before settling out of court with his alleged sex abuse victim, Virginia Giuffre.

Former Home Secretary Norman Baker told the Sun it was a status symbol to have armed security protection for the likes of Prince Andrew. But now that he’s a private individual with no royal duties, he should be responsible for his own security.

In addition, the regulation should be transparent, ie it should be disclosed who pays for its security and how much it will cost. However, an insider believed taxpayers would end up indirectly paying for it anyway.

Of the express adding that Prince Andrew has not declared his public earnings and Buckingham Palace has not yet commented on claims that King Charles will pay for it.

This follows Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s revelation in their Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan that their security was withdrawn before they left for Canada, leaving them feeling in grave danger and vulnerable.