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King Charles III appears to snub Prince Harry and Meghan Markle while praising Prince William and Kate Middleton in his first Christmas speech

December 26, 2022

King Charles III has officially delivered his first-ever Christmas speech, snubbing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle over new allegations made by the couple in his recent Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan. The monarch didn’t even mention the Sussexes, instead talking about the older, working members of the royal family, even praising Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle didn’t join the royal family at their Christmas party at Sandringham. One royal expert even believed talking about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex was off-limits at the event.

Aside from not mentioning his son and daughter-in-law, the two were also absent from the images that played on screen during his eight-minute speech. Instead, he talked about the work that the company members have done.

There were pictures of Camilla, Queen Consort giving Paddington bears to children. Princess Anne, Prince Edward and Sophie, the Countess of Wessex were also seen.

King Charles was full of praise for Prince William and Kate Middleton as he spoke about the charitable acts that many in the UK give every day. He mentioned the Welsh people’s first visit to Swansea after receiving their new titles following the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September. The show also featured the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall’s visit to St Thomas Church.

His Majesty followed the template of his late mother’s past Christmas broadcasts, which included a personal reflection on the year, current affairs and a Christian framework. He also honored the faith of others, spoke to other religious communities across the UK, helped those in financial difficulty and believed in the power of light to overcome darkness.

He said he has the same faith in people as Queen Elizabeth, touching the lives of others with kindness and compassion, which he said is the essence of our community and the foundation of our society.

Meanwhile, talks about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were said to have been strictly taboo at the royal family’s Christmas party at Sandringham. Royal expert Adam Helliker revealed that their docuseries has been described as an almost nuclear-radioactive subject that may have brought the royals to tears.

In an article in the newspaper The Sun he wrote that the show’s subject was guaranteed not to come up at the royal celebrations. The series has already spoiled enough for them, especially King Charles and Camilla as the new king and queen, and everything that has to do with it is heartbreaking for them.