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King Charles can take decisive action against Prince Harry and Meghan Markle if he follows Queen Elizabeth’s step

January 19, 2023

The royal family could take action against Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after the Duke of Sussex’s explosive claims in his controversial memoir, Spare. Many are calling for the two to be stripped of their royal titles. That could happen soon if King Charles III. follows the determined actions of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Royal author Christopher Andersen claims that after the infamous Megxit, Queen Elizabeth never considered stripping Prince Harry of his military titles. Therefore, he believes King Charles could do the same by taking decisive action against his son and his wife Meghan.

He told Us Weeklythat nothing can shake Her Majesty, that she remains calm and carries on, but that she would have taken action against her grandson as she did with the late Princess Diana. He believes the Queen started all of this when she didn’t agree to the Sussexes’ bid to become part-time royals.

Andersen went on to say that Queen Elizabeth could have allowed this to happen by providing them with all the accommodations they wanted, but she didn’t. She decided against it because they should be either all the way in or all the way out.

As such, she had no qualms about stripping Prince Harry of his military and ceremonial rank, which was a devastating blow to him. However, he thought that King Charles could muster the same strength as his mother and do something crucial to finally put these scandals behind him.

While Andersen wasn’t sure the monarch would do so before his coronation in May, he has to do it at some point.

According to express This claim stems from Prince Harry’s revelation that he has enough material for two books. However, he decided against it because he thought his father and brother, Prince William, would never forgive him.

First of all, Spare has become the fastest selling non-fiction book since its release on January 10th. Amid the many revelations he made how the Prince of Wales physically attacked him and King Charles was putting his own interests ahead of his youngest son and being jealous of him and his eldest child.

With these revelations, journalist Daniela Elser believed that Prince William and Kate Middleton missed a trick to dispel the characterization of the royal family that Prince William drew about them in his book by not attending Constantine II’s funeral . The royal commentator suggested they should have blended in with other European royals.

She saw the funeral as a golden PR opportunity. She went on to say that Prince William and Kate Middleton have reminded everyone that they are doing a great job representing the UK abroad while Prince Harry is making negative claims about them.