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Kim Tae Ri wishes someone like Twenty Five Twenty One Baek Jin in her life

April 5, 2022

Kim Tae Ri opened up about herself and her role in Twenty-Five Twenty-One after the K-Drama ended to high ratings. From playing the role of a high school student in her 30s to admitting she’s never liked anyone, the actress made big reveals that no one knew about.

Kim Tae Ri played the role of Na Hee Do opposite Nam Joo Hyuk (Baek Jin) in Twenty-Five Twenty-One. Fans loved her cute teases and incredible chemistry, but little did they know that her personal life was very different from her character.

Unlike Na Hee Do, who met her sweetheart at a young age, the K-drama star revealed in an interview via AllKpop that she has yet to meet her first love. Personally, she didn’t find herself romantic, so she didn’t have romance in her body, unlike her character on the show.

I’ve never liked anyone, she said. It even worried her that she wouldn’t be able to meet anyone else for the rest of her life.

So if she ever meets her soul mate, she wishes for someone she is passionate about like Na Hee Do. She wishes for someone like Baek Jin to come into her life.

When that happens, she will say to that person: I must have you, just like Na Hee Do to Baek Jin in Twenty-Five Twenty-One.

Speaking about the Netflix series, Kim Tae Ri revealed she didn’t expect the series to be as popular as Soompi reports. In fact, when she started filming the series, she wasn’t expecting much from it.

However, the staff went through a lot during the winter filming, so the ratings were a reward for them. Twenty-Five Twenty-One was her first drama in almost four years after Mr. Sunshine, which was also a success.

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Doing the right and successful projects, she revealed, may have been because she read the scripts well. The 31-year-old actress, who plays the energetic and free-spirited Na Hee Do, said she thought she would play the role instinctively.

After her character experienced trauma, pain, issues with her mother, and the gold medal incident, she felt like she was thinking about it the wrong way. She thought about how these things would be for her at her age.

That’s when Kim Tae Ri realized that she might have missed a lot of what she would have done as a high school student. Twenty-Five Twenty-One officially ended on April 3rd.