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Kim Seon Ho breaks silence after abortion controversy and hints at possible return

May 9, 2022

Kim Seon Ho has finally broken his silence after admitting he forced his ex-girlfriend to have an abortion. The Hometown Cha Cha Cha star gave an update to his fans on Instagram and at his official fan cafe, hinting at his possible return.

Kim Seon Ho wrote a detailed letter to his fans. Although he admitted he didn’t know how to write the letter because he thought it was already too late, fans still gave him a warm welcome.

AllKpop remarked that he started his letter by saying that it already felt like summer and time was going by really fast. For him, a month felt like a year at times, while he couldn’t always reconcile the time that had passed him, making it difficult for him to control his emotions.

He added that fans went through the same thing because of him and went on to apologize for putting them through a tough time because of his failures. I know how hard it is to heal after being heartbroken, he continued.

Kim Seon Ho sincerely apologized to everyone who supported him, fearing that what happened might have hurt their hearts. He then thanked his fans as he is now slowly recovering.

Although he was cynical about how the public would take his letter, he hoped that those who remained loyal to him would understand. The 36-year-old star then hinted at his return when he said he will honor every single message of support from his fans in Korea and abroad so that he can become a better actor and person.

Thank you for staying by my side and I won’t keep you waiting too long, he concluded.

It has been about seven months since the Kim Seo Ho ex-girlfriend controversy broke out, the Korea Times reports. In his post on Instagram, he also apologized to his fans and thanked them for celebrating his birthday on May 8th.

His fans donated 10 million won or $7,900 to the Community Chest of Korea charity to celebrate his special day.

Meanwhile, Kim Seon Ho became embroiled in a major controversy after his ex-girlfriend revealed he forced her to have an abortion while they were still together. The K-Drama star admitted the ordeal and apologized, saying she should have apologized to her personally.

He also apologized for letting down everyone who had supported him. Unfortunately, Kim Seon Ho was removed from KBS show Two Days and One Night and other projects amid the controversy.