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Kim Sae Ron, Lizzy – Drinking Incidents: The Uncanny Similarities Between Two Women’s Drunk Driving

May 19, 2022

Netizens can’t help but compare the uncanny similarities between Kim Sae Ron and Lizzy’s drunk driving incidents. The two women were involved in the same act a year apart and it happened coincidentally in the same place.

A netizen created a discussion in an online community and titled it Kim Sae Ron, This Fact is Chilling. There was also a photo of the 21-year-old star and Lizzy celebrating their birthdays together, as well as more facts about their incidents behind the wheel.

AllKpop noted the details in the post. It revealed the singer’s birthday on July 31, 1992.

She was exposed for drunk driving on May 18, 2021 and taken to Gangnam Police Station. The incident happened when a taxi pulled up near the southern crossing of Yeongdong Bridge in Dam-dong, Gangnam-gu District Office.

Alternatively, the actress was born on July 31, 2000. On the same day, May 18 of this year, she was also conspicuous for drunk driving.

She was taken to the Gangnam Police Station after colliding with guardrails, roadside trees and an electrical box at Hakdong Intersection in Shinsadong, Gangnam-gu.

Fans were shocked by these similarities, as they share the same birthday, were caught for drunk driving on the same day and a year apart, and were caught in the same place where they were intoxicated.

Some said they attended an acquaintance’s birthday party on the same day as May 18, got him drunk and were involved in a drunk driving incident.

Meanwhile, some netizens are concerned that this incident will jeopardize Kim Sae Ron’s new Netflix drama Hunting Dogs. Filming had already started in December 2021 and should be completed in June.

This means that production was nearing completion when the drink-driving incident happened. This issue could spoil the drama and necessitate a remake.

In another online community, netizens discussed the possibility of re-shooting Hunting Dogs. One fan said Kim Sae Ron would cause too much trouble for the production team if that happened.

However, some believe that a remake is unnecessary as it is a Netflix project. If a South Korean broadcaster does it, they could demand Kim Sae Ron’s removal.

So that could mean that she will still be featured as part of the series. In addition to Kim Sae Ron, Hunting Dogs will also star Woo Do Hwan, Lee San Yi, Park Sung Woong and Heo Jun Ho.