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Kim Kardashian reportedly wasn’t surprised when Kanye West shared intimate photos of her with Yeezy employees

November 25, 2022

Kim Kardashian is reportedly no longer surprised by the news that her ex-husband Kanye West shared her intimate photos with Yeezy employees. Still, the TV personality can’t help but feel disgusted with the idea.

A source close to Kardashian claimed West has been showing off intimate photos of her everywhere, even in a professional setting. The rapper, aka Ye, reportedly showed off his ex-wife’s private snaps and other explicit material in an Adidas/Yeezy interview and Yeezy team meetings.

But after everything the controversial songwriter has done, an insider told HollywoodLifethat the The Kardashians star isn’t at all surprised. Nothing the fashion mogul does will surprise her more.

So, in order not to be influenced by his actions, she tries to take her mind off his antics and focus on her children and herself. She also doesn’t have time to meddle in his scandals and is tired of being associated with them.

The tipster went on to say that Kardashian was furious with West after he failed to show up for their divorce settlement on Nov. 16 and deserted her attorneys. It is believed that the designer is once again delaying the divorce process.

Amidst all the troubles with the hip-hop artist, the SKIMS founder wants to finalize her divorce and finally be away from him and get on with her life.

In the controversial report by Rolling Stone Yeezy and Adidas employees revealed that West played porn in meetings, discussed porn, and showed a private photo of Kardashian in job interviews. He also shared an intimate video of the reality star and his own sex tapes.

When asked about showing Kardashian’s nude photos, a former employee said the boss brazenly showed explicit pictures or talked about private matters. The report also included incidents of abuse and bullying during West’s tenure at Adidas.

Meanwhile, Adidas had already ended its nine-year relationship with West after the latter published a series of anti-Semitic posts on the internet. The backlash went even further when he showed his documentary featuring a pornographic film to a group of Adidas executives.

A representative said West showed the explicit videos to executives because he accused them of stealing his ideas. From the looks of it, he wanted her to be as uncomfortable as he was.

Other brands that have ended their collaboration with West include Gap, Balenciaga and Def Jam. But before that, he boasted that Adidas couldn’t dump him and that he could say anti-Semitic things until the company did.