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Kim Kardashian defends herself after taking time to address controversy surrounding Balenciaga’s disturbing childhood photos

November 28, 2022

Kim Kardashian finally broke her silence on the controversial Balenciaga campaign on Sunday, November 27th on Twitter. The luxury brand was caught up in a viral scandal when it featured children posing with BDSM-inspired items.

As one of the celebrities who has endorsed the brand, fans have been waiting to hear Kardashian’s comment on the Balenciaga issue. But Kanye West’s ex-wife took a little time before finally commenting on the scandal.

The 43-year-old explained why it took so long to slam the brand for posting inappropriate photos of children. She defended herself, saying her silence didn’t mean she wasn’t disgusted with the campaigns, but she wanted to speak to the team to understand how this could have happened.

As a mother of four, she was shocked by the disturbing images and knew the safety of the children should always come first. Any attempt to normalize child abuse should have no place in our society — period, she continued.

Kardashian added that she appreciated Balenciaga’s move to stop the campaign and apologize as it showed they understood the seriousness of the situation. She also pledged to take the necessary measures to ensure that this never happens again.

The Kardashians star is known to have a close relationship with the brand, having walked the Paris runway show in July and has worn clothes from the brand on several occasions. However, her statement does not confirm whether she will part ways with the brand, how Hollywood Life reported.

First, Balenciaga shared a series of childhood photos that feature bondage-inspired teddy bears and court documents from a child pornography case in the background.

The photographer behind the campaign has set himself up Instagram also commented on the issue and explained his role in the ad. He stressed that as the campaign photographer, he couldn’t choose the products, the models, or the combination of both. All he could do was take photos in his own style.

In light of the reactions, the fashion house withdrew the campaign and deleted the images from Instagram. However, it left the story highlights and its official statement, which included its apology for the bad news.

A representative of the fashion house shared the New York Post informed that his social media account is regularly deleted after each campaign and collection release. The controversial ad featured Balenciaga’s Spring 2023 collection, which was unveiled at Paris Fashion Week this fall. In addition to Kardashian, fans are waiting for Bella Hadid to comment on the topic, but in vain.