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Kengan Omega Chapter 117: Release Date and Preview

July 12, 2021

Kengan Omega sometimes delays the publication of his chapters, let’s look at the recent updates. The title of the chapter is “The legend of the masks.” The king of the silent nightmare fight continues. Okubo took the first step, but Terashi countered him and blocked the massive blow with the palm of his hand. It’s a wise move on Okubo’s part as Terashi’s hand smokes like he’s touched a hot iron. Okubo’s blow was powerful enough to knock out any warrior. You realize it’s a hunch, but hunches are generally correct. Okubo realizes that he has to keep attacking until something happens.

Tokita Ohma realizes that Okubo has promised that he will take care of Terashi quickly. If Kengan does not win this match, his victory will be a loss, as there are only three games left and he has to win all three. If they lose one and win two, the tournament will end with a draw and a final fight. Let’s see if Okubo will get the job done and get Kengan back on track. Okubo believes that he knows Terashi’s strength and that he will face whatever comes his way.

Okubo notices that Terashi is holding her head with her right hand and wonders if that arm has been poisoned. Terashi bends her hand and gestures for Okubo to fight. Okubo fakes a swing and tries a low blow that Terashi manages to dodge. Terashi begins to see Okubo’s movements quickly. Okubo avoids the head arm and tries to attack the head, but Terashi keeps guard and dodges high kicks to get closer. Ohma wonders why the fight is going this way, and the others join him.

Highlights of Kengan Omega Chapter 116

Julius Renhold realizes that Okubo is not calling and wonders why. Wakatsuki Takeshi replies that Terashi is strange and that Okubo would have broken that defense. Terashi showed no natural defense or attack, and no one believes that Terashi has a background in modern martial arts. They notice that he strangely dodges the low kick. Tokita Ohma told Kanoha Agito that Terashi only has a size advantage, and Wakatsushi said that Tershi is no match against Okubo.

Okubo takes two hits and his movements are strange. The fighters noted that Okubo was afraid of being hit by his right hand. But he’s alert, and Tershi tells Okubo to speak up and wonders why a comedian is silent. Okubo replies that he is a hilarious and powerful fighting king. Okubo thinks that maybe Terashs has something other than his right hand that he can use against him, and he needs to keep his eyes peeled.

The masked killer

Okubo decided to keep the fight at bay until he found Terashi’s advice. Okubo realizes that he will not be able to hold out and will have to use the blow. The two begin to exchange blows. Okubo tells Terashi that they can fight while sending another low blow. Terashi attempts a wide slap, but receives two double “kicks”: the first to the stomach and the second to the wrist. Ohma notices that Okubo is keeping Terashi’s palm.

Terashi tries to recover, but receives two strong right hooks that push him back. Okubo begins to pick up the pace. Fei WangFang realizes that Terashi’s and Okubo’s level are different. Carlos Medel talks about Nino and realizes that no one has told him anything and wonders about the famous murderer. Fei WnagFang replies that he didn’t talk too much, but that he wanted to explain to the killer. Lolong Donaire asks if it’s a spring and fall story. Fei is surprised that Lolong knows the history of China.

Lolong responds that he has heard stories about a martial artist from the state of Chu known as Long Min. Because of Long Min’s strength, people believed that the state of Chu would have unified China if there had been five Long Min. Carlos Medel says that He doesn’t understand the story, and Fei reveals that Lolong and Long Min would have been the strongest, but one person rivaled him. The masked assassin, Fa whose true identity is unknown. The match continues with Terashi heading towards Okubo.

Kengan Omega Chapter 117 Release Date

The release date for Kengan Omega Chapter 117 is July 17, 2021.