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Kate Middleton reportedly very upset, outraged, hurt after Prince Harry made multiple allegations against her

January 10, 2023

Prince Harry detailed the text exchange between his wife Meghan Markle and sister-in-law Kate Middleton that led to their infamous feud before the Sussexes’ 2018 wedding in his controversial memoir Spare. Prince William’s wife is reportedly very upset by the revelations.

Tom Bower, the Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors author, revealed Kate Middleton is outraged and hurt after Prince Harry went public with her infamous feud with Meghan Markle over bridesmaid dresses. Amid claims that the Duchess of Sussex made the Princess of Wales cry, the Duke of Sussex appeared to back his wife’s revelation in her 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey that the opposite happened.

The former senior royal claimed that four days before the royal wedding, his brother’s wife wanted to have all the bridesmaids’ dresses made from scratch. She reportedly complained that Princess Charlotte’s dress didn’t fit properly.

As a heated text exchange ensued between the two women, the heir-to-be finally agreed to meet with the former actress’ tailor to fix her daughter’s dress. After a day, the controversial royal revealed the princess brought flowers and a card and apologized.

Additionally, Prince Harry claimed that Meghan Markle was rebuked after she told Kate Middleton that she must have a baby brain because of her hormones since she had just given birth to Prince Louis.

Bowers told opposite Page Sixthat the attacks against Wales were grotesquely good and shameful. He even noted that the book was finished when Prince Harry attended the funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth II in September, adding that by then knowing what he had written against his family, his deception was without hinting at what was to come, was unbelievable.

In the fiery text exchange, Prince Harry revealed that Kate Middleton claimed Princess Charlotte’s dress was too big, long and baggy. The former Suits star told her then-sister-in-law that the tailor was waiting for her and she could take the child to have the dress changed like other moms did.

As a result, Kate Middleton allegedly demanded that all the dresses be tailored. But Meghan Markle tried to make her understand the pressure she was under because of the problems with her father.

Prince Harry added that the Duchess of Cornwall also had issues with the way Meghan Markle planned her wedding, something about a party for the bellboys going back and forth. He seemed speechless and again asked Kate to take Princess Charlotte to the tailor, who had been waiting all day, to which Kate replied: Good.

Prince Harry claimed he came home to see Meghan Markle sobbing on the floor. The palace had already stressed that it would not comment on the allegations in the book.