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Kanojo mo Kanojo Episode 6 Spoilers and Release Date

August 2, 2021

Based on Hiroyuki’s manga series of the same name, ‘Girlfriend, Girlfriend’ or ‘Kanojo mo Kanojo’ is a romantic comedy anime for television. The series follows Naoya Mukai, who accepts the proposal of his classmate Nagisa Minase, even though he already has a girlfriend named Saki Saki. Although her childhood sweetheart initially feels awkward, Naoya manages to convince her with the help of Nagisa, and the trio begin a threesome relationship that goes against social norms.

The trio then begins a three-way relationship that goes against social norms. It’s the start of a comedic journey where they juggle school and love while still being honest with each other. The anime first aired on July 3, 2021. Here’s everything you need to know about its next episode.

Kanojo mo Kanojo Episode 6 Release Date

Episode 6 of “Kanojo mo Kanojo”, titled “Tsun Is Dere” or “Tsun ga Dere”, will air on August 7, 2021 in Japan. It will air on JNN (MBS, TBS, BS-TBS) and AT-X at different times. The series is being developed by Tezuka Productions, with Satoshi Kuwahara leading the production team and Keiichirou Oochi, Mayumi Morita and Kazuhiko Inukai leading the scripts.

Animation director Akiko Toyoda designed the characters and the series’ music is composed by Miki Sakurai and Tatsuhiko Saiki. Momo Asakura sang the closing song, “Pinky Hook,” while Japanese rock band Necry Talkie performed the opening song, “Fuzaketenaize.”

Where to watch Kanojo mo Kanojo season 1 online?

Crunchyroll has authorized the series to air outside of Asia. Those with a subscription can head here to see the latest episodes. The romantic comedy television anime is also available on VRV. People in some Asian countries can stream the series on the Muse Asia YouTube channel. iQIYI and Bilibili also have ‘Kanojo mo Kanojo’ in their catalog.

Kanojo mo Kanojo episode 6 spoilers

In episode 5, titled “Tsun Is Dere” or “Tsun ga Dere”, Rika Hoshizaki continues to try to convince Naoya to make her his third girlfriend. She argues that she is not only physically attractive, but also a popular internet celebrity who makes a lot of money. Although Naoya agrees with some of his arguments, he stands firm and rejects his proposal, even when she asks him to let her live as a tenant.

The next day, when Nagisa, Naoya, and Saki Saki return home from school, they find Rika camping outside. She vows not to leave until the trio accepts her at their home. Believing that the cold weather will eventually force her to leave, Naoya and her friends don’t take her seriously. But even in the rain and freezing cold, Rika refuses to leave and takes the opportunity to vlog for MeTube.

Later, Nagisa, Naoya, and Saki Saki spend time in the bathroom, which leads to funny and embarrassing situations. Nagisa expresses her desire to spend more time with her boyfriend, and Naoya agrees that in all the chaos, they haven’t been together long.

In episode 5, titled “Tsun Is Dere” or “Tsun ga Dere,” the trio talk about outdoor trips and camping. Saki Saki will reveal that she loves anime, which will cause Nagisa and Naoya to call her otaku. Rika could still be a nuisance and she won’t give up her desire to be the third girlfriend.