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Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War Chapter 233

July 31, 2021

Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War Chapter 233

Kaguya-Sama Love Is War is back after a weekly hiatus. Let’s take a look at the love story at Suichi Academy. Let’s see how the love story between Miko and Ishigami continues in chapter 233 of Kaguya Sama Love Is War. The title of the chapter is “Kaguya Shinomiya’s Impossible Challenge: Buddha’s Stone Jar, Part 7.” Miko and Ishigami get along well, although they sometimes argue. In the past, Miko used to hate when she found Ishigami playing; she wonders why he is always glued to his cell phone. The nature of Miko and Ishigami’s relationship was to talk about games and scold each other.

Ishigami is not interested in sports and thinks playing soccer would be fun. She opens up to Miko about her talent for sports. But he’s good at games; he realizes that it took him a long time to find what interests him. In the past, Ishigami tried to play soccer and other different sports, but eventually gave up. Guys laugh at him because he can’t even kick a ball. But after he left the team, his teammates felt that he had betrayed them because they needed his support. Ishigami has spent most of his time just trying to find what could occupy it.

One day, he meets Miko and asks if he doesn’t want to leave the discipline committee. Miko wonders why he has to stop, and Ishigami reminds him that it’s no fun when people hate what he does. Miko is too strict with the students and they hate her for this character. Ishigami reminds him how to deal with the students, because they won’t like him even if he tries. He tells her to think about it and find out that she is on the right track.

kaguya sama love is war Chapter 232 Highlights

Miko responds that she understands that it is difficult when people hate her, but she has dreams. If all the students follow the rule, they will have fun together without hatred. Miko comments that if she creates a world where everyone follows the law, she won’t mind being a terrible girl. Ishigami replies that he understands and will support her behind the scenes. Miko is walking and someone has played a prank on her.

Students wonder why a note taped to Miko’s back says, “I’m going to get someone to vote for me this time.” The message features a symbol of love and Ishigami noticed it from afar. Kobachi wonders who played this prank on Miko. Kobachi notices that Ishigami is still supporting Miko behind the scenes. Ishigami took out the paper and threw it in the trash. Miko didn’t notice anything and continues to walk freely. Later, Kobachi finishes telling Ishigami and Miko’s love story.

Kobachi’s love story

Tsubame likes to drink tea with Kobachi and talk about love. They think that love is an obsession. Kobachi says she wants to be loved for who she is and to love someone who knows who they are. She also says that she wants to find someone to love and that that person loves her too. Kobachi never thought she was good enough to be loved and constantly revolves around Miko and Ishigami. She realizes that Ishigami is the man she wants to spend her life with, but she doesn’t know that it will turn into a love triangle.

Kobachi spies on Ishigami, thinking that one day he will eventually propose to her. But one day, Miko finds a love letter on her desk and Kobachi wonders who wrote the letter. Kobachi decides to take a step back because he realizes that Ishigami and Miko are getting closer. The fateful day comes when Ishigami beats up a guy for annoying Ootomo. Miko has heard rumors and believes that Ishigami is stalking Ootomo. Kobachi sees them talking and realizes that Miko should have believed Ishigami.

Ishigami continues to support Miko even after the incident with Ogino. Kobachi wishes Miko to help Ishigami all the time. Back in the present, Kobachi continues talking to Kaguya about the love triangle. Kobachi would like to be in Miko’s place as she loves Ishigami. Kaguya realizes that it is too late for Kobachi to say that she loves Ishigami. Kobachi also talked about the day he tried to unite Tsubame and Ishigami. But now he has given up on Ishigami since Miko was there.

Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War Chapter 233 Release Date

Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War Chapter 233 will be released on Thursday, August 5, 2021. You can officially support and read Kaguya Sama Love Is War chapters on VIZ. The manga will continue to release a new chapter every Thursday, unless a weekly hiatus is taken.