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Kaguya Sama Love Is War Chapter 224 release date, spoilers

April 17, 2021

Popular Japanese anime manga series, “Kaguya Sama Love Is War”, is set to release Chapter 224 on April 16, 2021, that is to say on Friday. The genre of the series is a romantic comedy and is based on the manga series written by Aka Akasaka and released in 2015. The animated series is produced under the direction of Shinichi Omata and is licensed by Muse Communication and Aniplex of America. The series originally aired on the original Tokyo MX network, CTV, and TVN.

kaguya sama love is war: Chapter 224 Spoiler

Shuchinn Academy President Miyuki and Vice President kaguya brought together the entire academy staff and board members. They decided to reveal the truth that they had been hiding for a long time. Ishigami thinks that something bad happened and that is why the meeting was called, but when he learns the reason for this meeting, he is not surprised and is actually in shock now. Miyuki reveals that she loves Kaguya and that they have been dating for quite some time.

Ishigami was unaffected and in fact all the student council members knew that Kaguya and Miyuki were romantically involved. When the duo asked Ishigami how he knew this, they simply replied that from the first day he joined the student council, they noticed the spark between the two. Ishigami wasn’t the only one who knew the truth, even Miko had known it for a long time. He even said that Kaguya and Miyuki were dating even before they joined the student council of Shuchinn Academy.

Miko also commented that if the blind could see the duo would be so in love. Miko, Ishigami, and the rest of the student council said that they are absolutely perfect together. Miyuki and Kaguya sigh in relief that no one blames them. Fujiwara also opens up and says that he knew from the beginning and that he also tried to reveal the truth between Kaguya and Miyuki, but no one believes him. After that, she also says that it doesn’t matter now, she just wishes them both the best of luck and warns Miyuki to treat her friends well, Kaguya. That’s all that’s going to happen in “Kaguya Sama Love Is War Chapter 224”.