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Kageki Shojo Episode 6 Preview and Release Date

August 1, 2021

Sarasa realizes that Ai will never accept a friend in her life because she has suffered many incidents. She decides to help Ai understand her, make friends, and shed her burden. A man Sarasa has nicknamed Mister Stalker arrives at the school looking for Ai. Mr. Stalker waits for Ai near the garden and bumps into her. Ai got scared and screamed, but Sarasa arrives on time. Let’s find out why Mister Stalker came to the academy in the latest episode of Kageki Shojo. Sarasa protects Ai, who runs back to the bedroom, but Mister Stalker decides to talk to Sarasa. Naruto joins the two and comments that he can let Sarasa take care of Mister Stalker alone.

Mister Stalker reveals the truth about his past and how he loves Ai with all his heart. Naruto understands his case and decides to help him, he apologizes to Ai. Mister Stalker is the man responsible for Ai’s hatred. In the past, he tried to propose to her, but Ai rejects him. He followed her to all events to try to win her heart, but failed. Since that day, Ai hates men and never wants to be around them. Mr. Stalker decides that he will not live without meeting Ai and apologizes.

He later ran into Ai at the entrance, which security tried to stop. Mr. Stalker is beaten because the guards believe he wants to run away with Ai. He managed to apologize and Ai gave him a towel to wipe off the blood. Ai thanks Mr. Stalker for his patience and for making him aware of something. Mister Stalker drops out of school and no one knows his real name. Naruto and Sarasa arrive and see Mister Stalker leave. They help Ai unite her emotions. Let’s take a look at Kageki Shojo’s updates below.

Previously in Kageki Shojo Episode 5

In the morning, Sarasa and the students did a training exercise. The students notice that Yamada has lost weight. Yamada responds that her diet is working and Sarasa awaits the arrival of her partner. She wonders why Ai is late today, since Ai is the first student to arrive in the room. Sarasa realizes that she should be late as she is too lazy to wake up. Ai comes running and sees that Sarasa is bored by being left alone to look for her. Sarasa sees Sugimoto’s pose and asks him what kind of pose he’s doing.

Ai wanted to talk to Sarasa, but Sarasa is on Sugimoto’s case. The students were surprised that Sarasa was new to this pose. Yamada tells Sarasa that this is the Winter Troop pose and asks Sarasa why she doesn’t know her. The students reply that all Kouka fans know this pose. Sugimoto tells Sarasa that he wants to ask her something. He asks Sarasa if her only favorite show is La Rose de Versailles. Sarasa responds that she does not know many other programs.

One of the students comments that Sarasa traumatized her bad class reputation. Sugimoto especially loves the Winter Toupex, and hopes everyone will like what she likes. Sarasa wanted to explain her case, but Sugimoto told her that they were going to see a winter troupe perform this afternoon. They play Romeo and Juliet. Sugimoto thinks it is a perfect opportunity for Sarasa to fall in love with the show that is not “RoV”. Later, the students decide to play a song called My Sunset and allow Yamada to direct them.

Kageki Shojo Episode 6 Release Date

The premiere date of episode 6 of Kageki Shojo is Sunday, August 8, 2021 at 12:00 pm This anime: Kageki Shojo releases a new episode every Sunday. Kageki Shojo has six episodes left to wrap up the final episode. Make sure to watch the latest Kageki Shojo episodes on time.

Where to watch episode 6 of Kageki Shojo?

You can watch Kageki Shojo Episode 6 online at Funimation. This anime: Kageki Shojo is available on his Twitter account, website, and other platforms. Let’s meet again after the premiere of the latest episode of Kageki Shojo.