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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 178 Release Date, Spoilers: The Mystery of Rika, Yuta

March 10, 2022

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 178 could reveal the mystery surrounding Rika and how Yuta manages to keep her after the events in the Cursed Child arc. The Sendai Colony Arc is now in full swing with the battle between Yuta, Uro and Ishigori.

But fans can’t help but think about the real reason for Yuta and Rika’s appearance in the Itadori Execution Arc. Now that Yuta brings Rika into the fray, will fans learn more about the vengeful spirit in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 178?

The intense struggle suggests the beginning of the arc’s climax. How will this turn of events affect the fan-favorite jujutsu wizards in the Culling Game?

Sure, events with the game are unfolding and fans are beginning to realize its true purpose, but things could take a different turn with the arrival of Rika. Yuta’s enemies haven’t seen the best of him yet, but now that Rika has arrived, something else is about to happen, according to Epic Dope.

There are theories that seeing how powerful the two have become, Ryu and Takako will work together against Yuta and Rika. Fans can’t wait to see Rika in action in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 178 as she is a cursed spirit that has only appeared in a few chapters so far.

Meanwhile, Sports Keeda added that the last chapter’s endnote, which was removed in the official Viz translation, reveals: Everything about her is revealed. This appears to be referring to Rika, as her full power is expected to be revealed.

The fight against Uro and Ishigori showed Yuta’s full power and fans will see more of that in the upcoming chapter. The Sendai Colony Arc reveals Yuta’s abilities and why he is called the second most powerful wizard of modern times.

Neither Uro nor Ishigori will side with Yuta, knowing that both are looking for a fresh start. It is known that regret and unhappiness are common to all reincarnations.

There are also other wizards that Kenjaku has taken advantage of in a similar way. For example, Yuji was last seen in Tokyo #1 Colony after Higuruma left.

He went in search of Megumi, who was in another fight, but the mysterious Hana Kurusu, aka Angel, found her. So what will happen after these epic changes and situations?

Find out when Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 178 releases on Sunday, March 13th.