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Joran: The Princess Of Snow And Blood Episode 7 Release Date

May 6, 2021

Sawa finally got his revenge and executed the bad guys who killed his father. He has decided to part ways with the Nue organization because there is nothing else to do. But Jin decided to give him time to think about what to do next. Elena found out that she was pregnant and the father was happy about it. In the morning, Sawa collapses and Asahi helps her recover. The episode is titled Confidential File 623, Daybreak. Makoto arrives and Asahi asks him if he hates Sawa; Makoto tells her that Sawa is a warrior, he loves her.

He tells her about the deadly drug that was given to Sawa. The deadly drug kills Sawa after 10 seconds and, after three hours, he wakes up. Makoto reveals that they made his wish to die come true, but that he will not die. He also told Asahi to convince everyone that Sawa died during those three hours. They realize that their plan must not fail. Makoto tells Asahi that a messenger will arrive around 1:30 pm In the present, the messenger arrives and Asahi realizes that it is time.

Previously in Joran: The Princess of Snow and Blood Episode 6

Asahi greets the boy and she starts to do what Makoto told her. She told the messenger that Sawa was dead. The messenger drops the books and heads to a place at full speed. Jin arrives drenched and tells Asahi that he is Sawa’s friend. He asks where Sawa is, and Asahi realizes that he has to tell Jin that Sawa is dead. Asahi reveals that Sawa is dead and remembers that Makoto told him not to ask questions. Jin follows Asahi and finds Sawa lying on the ground.

Jin touches Sawa’s neck to check if she is dead and discovers that she is dead. He asks her to explain what caused Sawa’s death. Asahi explains that Sawa was holding her chest as if she felt pain inside. He realizes that he has to put on a big show to convince Jin that Sawa is dead. She showed Jin crocodile tears while sobbing, and that touched Jin’s heart. Makoto tells her that if she misses her number, Jin won’t hesitate to kill her. Asahi manages to play her role and waits to see how Jin reacts.

Jin touches her shoulder and she freaks out, thinking that Jin is not convinced of Sawa’s death. She looks at Jin shakily, and Jin falls to his knees, telling him that he has condolences for his sudden loss. Asahi realizes that Jin fell into her trap and continues to cry. Jin told Asahi that he would be in charge of organizing her funeral and reporting her passing. Asahi realizes that Makoto told him that when a member of the organization dies suddenly, they make sure to handle it internally.

Jin will find an excuse to run away with his body. Asahi realizes that he shouldn’t let Jin take Sawa away. He will have to run away with Sawa or the game will take over. They will all be convinced that Sawa is dead and the two will flee from the Nue organization. They take Sawa’s body and Asahi climbs into the back of the car. Jin also gets in the car and realizes that it could be a bad game, but the plan is still in motion. Later, they arrive at the cemetery and begin the funeral. Jin pays him the last tribute.

Undertakers finish their work by burying Sawa. Asahi realizes that there won’t be much air in the coffin and that when Sawa wakes up she will suffocate. Before time runs out, he will have to get Sawa out to avoid her actual death. Asahi realizes that if the plan goes well, they will find themselves in the land of the living. After that, they will have to leave Tokyo and continue living as a family. The plan was successful and the two managed to escape. Two days later, Sawa and Asahi arrive in Iwai prefecture.

Joran: The Princess of Snow and Blood episode 7 release date

Joran: The Princess of Snow and Blood Episode 7 will be released on Wednesday May 11, 2021 at 1:29 am JST. You can watch The Snow and Blood Princess online on Crunchyroll.