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Johnny Deep girlfriend: Meet Joelle Rich, the British lawyer who represented the Pirates of the Caribbean star

September 23, 2022

Just as fans were dumping Johnny Depp and his attorney Camille Vasquez during his libel trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard, the actor was already dating one of his attorneys, Joelle Rich. Rich represented the Pirates of the Caribbean star in his defamation case against British newspaper The Sun two years ago.

That could be why Vasquez denied anything romantic happened between her and Depp, despite the fact that they had incredible chemistry in front of the camera. So who is Rich and what do fans need to know about her?

Joelle Rich’s successful legal career

As one of Depp’s representatives, Rich has had a very successful legal career and is a partner at her London law firm, Schillings Page Six reported.

Her company profile states that she is an expert in defamation, privacy and copyright litigation. She was part of a team that won a major privacy and copyright case and led a high-profile defamation lawsuit.

As a highly experienced litigator, Rich aims to use the law to ensure her clients are protected from arbitrary interference with their personal or business lives.

Alongside Depp, her other celebrity client is Meghan Markle, who is representing her in her lawsuit against the Mail on Sunday.

Joelle Rich’s academic profile

Joelle Rich attended North London Collegiate School and completed her tertiary education in the UK. She studied law at the University of Birmingham.

She continued her studies at BPP Law School, specializing in media and entertainment, intellectual property, and commercial and private acquisitions, as reflected in her LinkedIn-page noted.

Joelle Rich as a very private person

Although she handles most public cases, Rich loves her privacy. Her Instagram account is set to private, and she has only accepted around 200 followers.

Still, she seems to be active on social media as she has more than 1,000 posts.

Joelle Rich’s status

UsWeekly claimed Rich was married but already separated after meeting Depp during his trial.

A source revealed that she is now divorcing her unnamed husband, with whom she is said to have two children.

Joelle Rich, Johnny Depp Romance

Depp and Rich may already have been romantically involved when the former was conducting her US defamation lawsuit against Heard.

At the time, she was present in the courtroom and showed her support. At one point, she was even seen hugging Vasquez.

To be clear, Rich was not part of Depp’s US legal team, but was a member of his UK attorney. Although she was not professionally involved in the Heard case, a source said her presence was personal.