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Joey Sasso: Where’s The Circle Season 1 Winner Now?

December 27, 2022

The Netflix series The Circle is an immersive reality series in which a number of participants live in different areas. During the show, they must communicate with each other through the provided social media platform, named after the series. The competitors must ensure that they remain popular with the others and do not drop out of the race. However, making oneself too popular also has negative consequences.

Since the release of the show’s entertaining fifth season, fans have been curious about those who have won this thrilling competition in previous seasons. That includes the series’ first-ever winner, Joey Sasso. Thanks to her good looks and charming personality, the reality TV star was able to secure first place on the show and take home the grand prize of $100,000. Of course, his admirers are curious as to where he currently is, and we’re here to find out!

Joey Sasso’s The Circle Journey

Although Joey Sasso was initially unsure about joining a reality series, he decided to give The Circle a shot as the idea felt fresh to him. The budding actor took part in the show at the age of 25 and decided to be himself. This allowed him to form genuine relationships with the others in the house without worrying about blowing his cover. As expected, he remained one of the top contenders throughout season one thanks to his outspoken nature and empathy for others.

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One of the most important bonds Joey forged while participating in the show was his romantic relationship with Miranda Bissonnette. Unfortunately, she dropped out on the show’s eighth episode, much to her potential partner’s chagrin. However, this was far from the only relationship Joey entered into during the show, as he was known for reaching out to others whenever the need arose. In fact, viewers got a glimpse of this part of his personality very early on, when he decided to speak to Shubham Goel after he finished last in the show’s first-ever ratings.

Additionally, Joey was known for striving to do the right thing whenever possible. Despite the possibility that he could lose Miranda by dropping out, he chose to save Chris Sapphire and Samantha Sammie Cimarelli. After Miranda left, she decided to visit Joey and the two exchanged a kiss, much to the delight and delight of their fans. Joey has also developed a good relationship with Sean Taylor and was heartbroken that she was banned. The combination of these factors helped make him the winner of the very first installment of the Netflix series.

Where is Joey Sasso now?

Currently, Joey Sasso appears to reside in Los Angeles, California, although he is a native of Rochester, New York. Since his time on the Netflix show, Joey has appeared in Girls5eva and is expected to star in Young Lion of the West. The aspiring actor is looking forward to working on more projects and is popular with people. His social media numbers are simply impressive. The reality TV star often posts a variety of videos, which his fans seem to enjoy a lot.

During his time on the show, Joey formed many real relationships and still appears to be in touch with many of his co-stars. Although his relationship with Miranda doesn’t work out in the real world, the two are still good friends and often appear on each other’s social media. Both have been quite open about their strong bond and have commented on numerous occasions that their bond is unique. Additionally, Joey is good friends with Shubham, the season 1 runner-up. The duo get together often and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.