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Jeremy Renner’s Snowplow Accident: 911 Call Details Horrific Events of ‘The Avengers’ Star’s Tragic Mishap

January 5, 2023

The 911 call from Jeremy Renner’s snowplow accident has now been released. It details the horrifying events, from his whimpering in the background to being crushed outright. Thankfully, the actor now appears to be out of danger after personally updating fans on Instagram about his status.

On New Year’s Day, the entire entertainment industry was shocked when news broke that Renner was in critical condition after a weather-related accident. Although his condition was reportedly stable, many couldn’t help but worry about him.

In the emergency call log, that TMZ It is said that the 51-year-old was completely crushed after being run over by his snow plough. He was reportedly heard moaning, probably from the pain, and had extreme difficulty breathing after his chest collapsed and his torso was crushed.

He had also lost a lot of blood due to heavy bleeding. The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office PIO told opposite Page Sixthat they cannot confirm the details of the call log as they did not release the emergency call.

However, Washoe County Sheriff Darin Balaam revealed at a news conference on Tuesday, Jan. 3 that a giant snow removal device known as a PistenBully, estimated to weigh about 14,330 pounds, actually ran over Renner

Luckily, one of his neighbors was a doctor and put a pressure bandage around his leg until paramedics arrived. He was then flown off the mountain by plane to a nearby hospital, where his injuries were treated.

At the time, Renner’s rep issued a statement saying the The Avengers star is in critical but stable condition after being injured in a weather-related accident while clearing snow. His press secretary, Samantha Mas, explained to Peoplehe suffered blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries.

Mast added more details about the accident. Before the incident, Renner was near his home in Nevada when he began clearing driveways with his snowplow so his family members could find their way after the holiday together.

So they were all with him when the accident happened. Mast later shared that the actor is making positive progress and is already awake, talking and in good spirits.

Although he is still in intensive care, his condition is already stable. He is even overwhelmed by the love and support he is receiving. The family asks for your continued thoughts as he recovers with his loved ones, Mast said.

Renner, on the other hand, personally thanked his well-wishers for their kind words in his first social media post since the accident. He shared a photo of himself giving everyone a glimpse of his condition, lying on the hospital bed with bruises and scratches on his face. I (sic) am too broken to type now. But I send love to you all, he wrote.