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Jeon So Min Hints at Quitting Running Man: Here’s the Evidence Show Window: The Queen’s House’ star could do so

February 9, 2022

Jeon So Min is one of the main actresses of Running Man. However, it looks like the Sixth Sense star will be saying goodbye to the series soon, judging by her post.

Jeon So Min joined Running Man in 2017 alongside Yang Se Chan. Since then, the two have exchanged jokes that are loved by many. Despite the fun and love she constantly receives, will the 35-year-old star leave?

Fans are worried about the actress’ Instagram Stories. She posted a cake with the words, Thank you for being a part of ‘Running Man’ for so long.

The cake in question supposedly came from the producers of the series, so what does it mean? According to AllKpop, the cake was just a gift from the producers to show their support and to express their gratitude towards her.

However, some see it as a sign of farewell. Why is that? Koreaboo revealed that Jeon So Min will not be far away from running man due to her busy schedule and accident.

She is currently pursuing her acting career following the success of Show Window: The Queen’s House. She has received great reactions in the role of Yoon Mi Ra. The author also has a new series called Cleaning Up.

She also underwent foot surgery after sustaining a fracture in January. Because of this, she didn’t appear in Running Man for a few episodes.

Although she had already returned, she remained seated because of her surgery. Along with these incidents and the cake, it seemed like the producers of the series were saying goodbye to Jeon So Min.

It’s also good to know that her agency, King Kong by Starship, released a statement hinting at her possible exit. She said her talent is currently recovering after successful surgery.

At this point in time, no decision has been made about the future of their activities. The statement also said that Seon Jo Min is taking an indefinite hiatus.

So does that mean goodbye? There’s no denying that Running Man viewers have already loved Jeon So Min.

She brought fun to the series. Although she is a good and respected actress, she is not afraid to show her goofy side by making fun of the male guests and more. If Jeon So Min does indeed leave Running Man, she will be a great loss.