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Jeon So-Mi revealed the real reason she left JYP Entertainment

November 9, 2021

Jeon So-mi was a guest on the Tur-Kid YouTube series with host Lee Yong-jin and answered an important question. Although years had passed when the troubles began with her departure from JYP Entertainment, the singer willingly disclosed the reason for her departure.

So-mi was in the process of promoting her new album XOXO when Yong-jin asked her a question that caught her off guard. The 20-year-old star couldn’t help but burst into laughter when he heard the question about her leaving JYP and revealed that she hadn’t heard the question in the past three years.

Even so, birthday hitmaker Yong-jin admitted the question and said that she even liked it, according to AllKpop. The host went straight up to her and told her about the rumors that she was leaving malicious comments about the entertainment company everywhere.

Although Yong-jin was confident that this was not true, he still wanted some answers from So-mi himself. Why did you leave the company? He asked.

She then stated that after leaving IOI, she had been out of work for a long time, so she eventually went to the YG Entertainment sub-label. Yong-jin then asked her again if she regretted anything, whereupon she said: Never.

She went on to say that she was 100% satisfied with her current company and would not complain. She also revealed the reason for her solo debut, saying that alongside Zion.T. is the only artist in the company.

As a reminder, So-mi left JYP in August 2018. The company released an official statement at the time, saying that she left because her contract had expired, according to Channel Korea.

Even so, the fans were still not convinced. Many believed that it was because she didn’t become part of a girl group or even made an official debut as a solo artist or part of a team.

There was speculation that she would become part of Twice, but that didn’t happen. She then surprised the world when she left JYP.

So-mi’s decision received mixed reactions, good to bad. Anyway, she still has a crowd of fans who continuously support her.

However, a month after she left JYP, she found a new home, The Black Label. JYP then released a long statement thanking the fans for their continued support for the company and the artists who followed the rules. Many believed that this was an allusion to So-mi, although JYP and the artist herself remain silent about it.