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Jennifer Garner reportedly not happy with Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck’s prenup agreements

May 3, 2022

Talks between Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner continue. With Bennifer 2.0 getting married soon, there are rumors that The Adams Project star isn’t happy with the terms of the marriage contract.

Tensions in the blended family are said to be high. So, is it true that Jennifer Garner is upset about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s prenuptial negotiations?

According to touch the couple is currently finalizing their marriage contract, but things are getting intense. During the early stages of their engagement, there were reports that the two would fall out over their marriage contract.

Now that they’re looking to get married again — with more money on the table than before — the old prenuptial agreement problem is said to have resurfaced.

An alleged source claims that everything is under scrutiny and there are arguments. More than Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, however, Jennifer Garner is said to be the most affected.

The insider went on to say that the Alias ​​star has already shared with her ex-husband her concerns about her children’s financial future and says she wants to secure them. The former couple have three children together, Violet, 16, Seraphina, 13, and Samuel, 10.

She doesn’t want him to make a bad deal just because he’s in love right now, the tipster added.

The source continued that Bennifer’s main focus is ironing out a prenup without hurting anyone’s feelings. If they don’t do that, they might not end up marrying again.

suggestions rejects this dubious report and emphasizes that their prenuptial agreements will certainly be very private. They will discuss all the important details with their lawyers and nothing will go public.

It is therefore impossible that the tabloid has insight. The claims made about Jennifer Garner might not even be true.

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Sure, she might just want to protect her kids’ financial futures, but she’s said repeatedly that Ben Affleck is a great dad. Seen in this way, he can certainly secure their future.

Jennifer Lopez is also twice as rich as Ben Affleck, so she has more to lose if they divorce.

To prove there was no bad blood between the three, J.Lo’s daughter Emme was spotted at a school event with Jennifer Garner and their three children, reports said Hollywood Life. That just goes to show that they are now a big family unit.