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IVE’s Jang Won Young reveals how she’s on a strict diet in tvN’s ‘Game Caterers 2’

November 17, 2022

IVE’s Jang Won Young caught everyone’s attention when she appeared in tvN Starship Entertainment’s Game Caterers 2 special. The K-pop star showed everyone how disciplined she is when it comes to her health and diet.

Artists and actors from Starship Entertainment participated in the game show, from IVE to Cosmic Girls and Monsta X to Song Seung Hun and others. The artists were divided into teams, and the winners got late-night snacks, but Jang Won Young didn’t get any of them.

IVE played Word Chain, which required participants to complete a sentence. The group that won received various late night snacks such as tteokbokki, chips, ice cream and coffee.

The six members, An Yu Jin, Ga Eul, Rei, Jang Won Young, Liz, and Leeseo all returned to their rooms after their victory and began enjoying the food. But not Jang Won Young.

That seems like a good thing to bring as we can’t deliver here, she said. But instead of eating, she was seen sipping black coffee.

She then received a ton of praise from her fans, who praised how strict she was about her diet and body shape. One fan noticed she wouldn’t even touch her snacks, while another commented that she was already very skinny.

Meanwhile, the new presenters of the upcoming KBS Song Festival 2022 have been announced, including Jang Won Young. KBS confirmed on Monday November 14 that the female idol will be hosting this year’s event along with Na In Woo and Kim Shin Young.

The broadcaster also revealed that alongside legendary MCS, there will also be a great lineup of unit performances.

It’s no surprise that KBS chose Jang Won Young as one of the festival’s presenters. She currently hosts the station’s Music Bank and has already received a lot of positive feedback for her incredible presenting skills.

On the other hand, Na In Woo has already built a strong relationship with KBS, hosting variety shows like 2 Days & 1 Night and K-Dramas like River Where the Moon Rises and Jinxed at First.

Also, following the recent passing of longtime presenter Song Hae, Kim Shin Young has replaced the iconic MC in KBS’ National Singing Contest. Song Hae hosted the show for 34 years, now it’s Kim Shin Young’s time to shine.

Though she has big shoes to fill, she’s already proven her talent as a presenter and delighted her fans with her participation on the show. The 2022 KBS Song Festival will take place on Friday, December 16 at 8:30pm KST.