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I’ve Somehow Gained Stronger Season 2: What to Expect

December 19, 2022

I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger When I Improved My Farm-Related Skills’ or ‘Noumin Kanren no Skill bakka Agetetara Nazeka Tsuyoku Natta.’ is an action-adventure fantasy anime inspired by the light novel series of the same name illustrated by Sogawa and written by Shobonnu. The series follows Al Wayne, a seemingly ordinary person who finds inspiration to push his limits and discover what a good farmer he could become. Through sheer willpower and determination, Wayne eventually manages to become a top-notch cultivator, whereupon his status becomes comparable to that of legendary heroes of the past. Interestingly, the awakening of his powers coincided with a series of strange disasters that befell the kingdom. So the royal family sought his help to keep the danger at bay.

Worried about his own fields, Wayne agreed to help, not really knowing what he was fighting. The story of a dedicated man who can match the strength of legendary heroes has garnered a small global following following the series’ release in the Fall 2022 anime season. Of course, after Season 1 ends, these fans want to know what’s next for the series. If you’re looking for similar information, then we’ve got you covered.

I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger Season 2 Release Date

‘I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger When I Improved My Farm-Related Skills’ or ‘Noumin Kanren no Skill bakka Agetetara Nazeka Tsuyoku Natta.’ Season 1 was released on October 1, 2022 and ended some time later on December 17, 2022. The anime consists of twelve episodes, each lasting about 23 minutes.

As for the second part of the action-adventure-fantasy anime, so far we know everything. The series has not yet been renewed by Studio A-CAT or any other company involved in the production or distribution of the series. The lack of any official news about the anime’s future is not surprising. I’ve Somehow Gained Stronger When I Improved My Farm-Related Skills failed to impress viewers and the reviews on most online platforms are far from appealing.

In addition, the action-adventure show also has a poor overall rating on MyAnimeList and is well above 10,000 on the popular anime social cataloging and networking website. The creators also didn’t leave any message about the future of the anime in the final episode of Season 1. Interestingly, the anime hasn’t significantly boosted domestic light novel or manga sales, which is another bad sign for the series’ return.

Even if the anime series renewal committee decides to eventually greenlight the anime, its production will most likely not be the top priority due to the relatively small fan base. As such, it’s highly unlikely that the series will return any time soon. Assuming future manga or light novel sales warrant a renewal of the series at some point in the future, Season 2 of I’ve Somehow Gained Stronger When I Improved My Farm-Related Skills will be released no earlier than late 2025.

I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger Season 2 Plot: What could it be about?

In the season 1 finale, Al manages to save Yuria from Ilvia after the Good God intervenes at the right moment and grants him her powers, replacing the Evil God’s Nature Lover ability, which he has been using without his knowledge all along. However, Ilvia promises to see Al again in the future before teleporting. Al later tries to learn more about the Evil God and his powers, but can hardly find any relevant information. While he decides to move on with his normal life after accepting that losing the ability bestowed by the Evil God has caused his powers to be significantly reduced, many mysteries remain unexplored.

In Season 2, fans can expect Ilvia to keep her promise and return to meet Al again. It remains to be seen how their future meeting will go as the last time they met she threatened to kill his family and friends. Also, viewers will still learn a lot about the evil god, just like Al, who was curious about whether the volcanic eruption that happened several years ago was caused by him or not. Fal-Ys and her father continue to pressure Al to get married, and fans can expect the protagonist’s love life to be explored further in the next episode.