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Is Ghost Adventures based on true events? Here’s everything we know!

January 19, 2023

Main food for thought
Do ghost stories exist, or just pretend?
What kind of real technology do ghost hunters have access to?
Places made famous by ghost adventures
The mysterious Winchester house
Lizzie Borden’s house
Places like Kay’s Hollow
Pennhurst State Institution

Ghost Adventures is an American paranormal and reality television show that first aired on Travel Channel on October 17, 2008 and will move to Discovery+ in 2021. On July 25, 2007, the Sci-Fi Channel aired a film of the same title that was independently produced. Ghost hunters Zak Bagans, Nick Groff (1-10), Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley are seen investigating supposedly haunted locations.

Do ghost stories exist, or just pretend?

No, Ghost Adventures is not real, it is fake. It looks authentic from the opening credits. At first we felt the show was more real than we do now. Surely there must be demons and possessed everywhere, because they are everywhere and the hospital is a sad place where there is no evil. This statement is completely absurd.
We found River Phoenix’s episode of Viper Room, where he texts a co-worker he’s never met, to be quite obnoxious.

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Their tools, most of which were constructed by two people we’ve met on the show so far, one of whom appears in the opening credits (the dancing stick figure guy), are utter crap. So when there is no evidence, which often happens, they make up evidence.

An example is small people doing the River Dance on the shoulders of taller participants. This is absolutely ridiculous. Even now, we still enjoy learning about the places they visit and getting the background information. Many of these places are familiar to us and they inspire me for future travels.

We love learning the backstory of these places as much as anyone, but in some cases we caught them red-handed. For example, in one LA home, the parents were murdered and the son hid in the attic until he could escape the possession he was experiencing. Here is a copy of the relevant police report! There were no demons; the two murderers are already behind bars; they were the son’s buddies; and he wasn’t hiding in the attic, but on the roof. That’s the kind of thing.

What kind of real technology do ghost hunters have access to?

The gear used by the Ghost Adventures team is state of the art. The REM pod used by the series’ Ghostbusters is now used by regular paranormal investigators as well. Bagans explains how individual investigations are organized for each area (which is the same as most of us do).

In his hundreds of investigations he has used a variety of devices. Without them it would be a challenge

And if it gets really bad, an exorcist will be called.

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Destinations made famous by ghost adventures

Ghost Adventures cast and crew have explored some intriguing urban legends and well-known haunted locations throughout the show’s history.

The mysterious Winchester house

Sarah Winchester, the heiress of the Winchester Arms Company, commissioned the construction of this landmark property in California. She was sure that the spirits of those killed by the weapons her company manufactured haunted her.

Many people go ghost hunting there because it is a maze of a mansion. The Ghost Adventures crew did some research in Season 5.

Lizzie Borden’s house

Lizzie Borden’s home in Fall River, Massachusetts was also visited by the cast and crew in Season 5. In the nineteenth century, a series of gruesome ax murders took place in the home of Lizzie Borden.

Zak and his team witnessed extreme levels of paranormal hostility while staying at this notorious haunted hotel.

Places like Kay’s Hollow

Kay’s Hollow, Utah, also known as Kay’s Cross, is the site of numerous urban stories and myths. The Ghost Adventures team was there in Season 15 because it’s known for its paranormal activities.

The group encountered a shadowy being with purple eyes and heard disturbing noises.

Pennhurst State Institution

In season three, they traveled to Pennsylvania to survey the site of a former facility for the mentally and physically challenged.

The Ghost Adventures team confirmed Pennhurst State School’s well-known haunted reputation. They picked up several EVPs, felt something touch them, and heard a series of noises that couldn’t be explained.