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Is BTS ‘Jin alluding to his role in Squid Game Season 2?

December 1, 2021

Fans have long been waiting to see Jin from BTS in Squid Game Season 2. Now that the idol showed his inner Younghee doll at the second Permission to Dance on Stage concert in Los Angeles, did he hint at his role on the show?

Jin surprised everyone with his incredible cuteness when he wore pigtails and what the Younghee doll looked like to the concert. Since this appeared to be a nod to the hit Netflix series, would he end up starring in Squid Game Season 2?

The Younghell doll is the terrifying doll in the first installment in the series, Red Light, Green Light, in which she shoots anyone who dares to take a step towards her. Compared to this character, however, the BTS member was undeniably much cuter, and his exuberant cuteness could be the cause of anyone’s death.

While he was on stage, he even reenacted the game in question for the audience to see. He sang the song of the game, mugunghwa kkochi pieosseumnida, while the other members played.

Now, Netflix seemed to have noticed Jin’s Younghee doll look, and it looked like they were ready to cast him for Squid Game Season 2. Netflix Philippines Twitter account had put the iconic doll aside and said it only knew Kim Seokjin and his adorable braids.

Koreaboo found that Jin has it all: acting skills, range, looks, and more. You ask and he has it!

That made him a perfect part of the second part of the hit streak, and ARMY wanted to see him on the small screen. But not just them.

British actor Simon Pegg also expressed interest in seeing the 28-year-old singer on the series after posting alongside a life-size excerpt of the BTS singer after receiving Squid game merchandise. The Shaun of the Dead star said he didn’t have the power on the series but admitted that he was a huge fan of the K-pop star.

He knows that Jin studied acting and believes that it would suit him very well. So let’s hope we’ll see him as an actor at some point, he said.

Pegg also made it clear why he was posing with Jin on his snapshot, according to Bollywood Life. On a livestream with his daughter Tilly, he revealed he was snapping a picture for Netflix Korea after sending him loads of Squid Game goodies.

He then put Jin in the background because he wanted his snapshot to look and feel very Korean. Knowing that the BTS member is an ambassador for the country in question, Pegg was confident he’d made it.