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Indiana Jones 5 Update: The Alleged Curse Surrounding Harrison Ford’s final appearance as a whip-wielding archaeologist

November 30, 2021

Rumor has it that Indiana Jones 5 is under a curse after a series of torture events on the set. After injury, death, and other tragedies, it’s enough to say that Harrison Ford’s last outing as Dr. Henry Walton Indiana Jones, Jr. is problematic?

Production of Indiana Jones 5 is still ongoing, but it is alleged that it is still out of control following the death of cinematographer Nic Cupac. Even though a source told the Globe that he died of natural causes, some still found it unusual for this to happen on the set of the film.

Cinemablend reported that Cupac was seen dead in his hotel room in Morocco, where the film was being filmed at the time. The production spokesman confirmed the news and said in a statement that he was working as a cameraman in the second unit and had recently joined the crew.

The spokesman confirmed that Cupac did not die on the set. The magazine also claimed Ford injured his shoulder in a stunt that brought production back to a halt.

The COVID-19 pandemic had already delayed the film for a considerable time, while the publication went on to claim that Londoners did not like the production. Indiana Jones 5 was supposed to be in theaters in July 2022, but has now been postponed to 2023.

Most of the films have had filming delays, but ‘Indy 5’ seems cursed, the insider revealed. Despite these claims, Suggest stressed that the pandemic had affected a number of film releases.

Daniel Craig’s No Time to Die was completed in 2019, but wasn’t released until the summer of this year. Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick is yet to see the light of day, as is Jackass Forever.

However, these natural occurrences do not mean that Indiana Jones 5 is cursed. The truth is that the movie is set to become a blockbuster, with Ford returning as Indiana Jones herself.

Sure, he injured himself on the set, but the same thing happened to him on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and no one said the movie was cursed. Cupac’s death had nothing to do with production either, as it was found in his room.

In fact, everything is looking good on the film set after the 79-year-old returned to film production after his injury in June, according to the New York Post. He looks brilliantly smart and is ready to set off on new adventures in his iconic leather jacket and hat. Soon, fans will see Ford as the whip-wielding archaeologist for the last time in Indiana Jones 5.