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In the Walking Dead: Will Rick Grimes meet his end?

January 24, 2023

Key Findings
Can we assume that Rick Grimes the Walking Dead will not survive?
Will Rick Grimes appear in The Walking Dead season 11?
When can we expect the Walking Dead prequel starring Rick and Michonne?

The Sheriff is perhaps the first image that comes to mind when TV viewers think of The Walking Dead. Rick Grimes is the name of this sheriff.

Rick Grimes, portrayed by Andrew Lincoln, remains the series’ standout protagonist. The protagonist first appeared on screen in the pilot episode when he awoke from his coma to find the dead had risen and overrun the planet, and he hasn’t stopped loving himself and the people he cares about ever since , to protect.

Even if you missed the season 11 finale and are only now catching up, you probably know that Rick is no longer a member of The Walking Dead. Then what became of him? Can you tell me if he will appear in the series finale?

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Can we assume Rick Grimes won’t survive The Walking Dead?

For your peace of mind, Rick Grimes didn’t die in The Walking Dead. He’s fine at the moment. The catch is that none of the characters on the show know anything about it.

In the season 9 finale, episode 5, What Comes After, Andrew Lincoln announced his departure from the series after a wounded Rick destroyed the bridge he and the survivors had been building all season connecting Hilltop and other communities two before to protect huge herds of walkers that had merged into one.

Because of the explosion, everyone thought Rick had perished as well. But just as she was about to board a mysterious helicopter that required her to trade an asset for passage, Anne (under her alias Jadis) found him. Ann traded herself and her boyfriend Rick for the helicopter’s pilot, thus saving Rick’s life in exchange for her own.

Nobody from The Walking Dead ever saw Rick again, but we didn’t see the last of him either.

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Will Rick Grimes appear in The Walking Dead season 11?

In the final episode of The Walking Dead season 11, Rick Grimes has a brief guest appearance, confirming the character’s return. In the series finale, Rick is shown once more in a montage, having apparently escaped from the civilian Republican military. He appears to be returning to his captivity when a nearby CRM helicopter takes notice of him. But not before Rick gives us a sneaky grin.

Because he will never stop searching for Michonne, Judith and the rest of his loved ones, he is confident that he can eventually break free. Luckily for him, Danai Gurira also returns as Michonne in the closing scene of the finale. She represents Ricks