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Immoral Guild season 2: what to expect

December 23, 2022

‘Immoral Guild’ or ‘Futoku no Guild’ is a harem ecchi anime inspired by the Japanese manga series illustrated and written by Taichi Kawazoe. The series follows Kikuru Madan, a well-known guardian of Mebuki’s guild. Despite making a name for himself, Kikuru wants to live a normal life, but refuses to retire as he cares deeply about the future of the guild. Luckily, Enome, the guild’s receptionist, understands his dilemma and tasks Kikuru with finding his successor, providing him with promising recruits Hanabata Nohkins, Toxico Dannar, Maidena Ange, and Hitamu Hitamuki Kyan.

This helps the experienced warden, who settles in with the four women, but his life gets complicated when the monsters start targeting women, forcing Kikuru to think twice about his every move. The hilarious tale of the respected Warden and his four new recruits has managed to garner a small worldwide following since the series’ release in the Fall 2022 anime season. After completing the first part, fans now want to know more about the future of the series. If you’re curious about it, then we’ve got something for you.

Immoral Guild Season 2 Release Date

‘Immoral Guild’ Season 1 was released on October 5, 2022 and ended almost three months later on December 22, 2022. The anime consists of twelve episodes, each lasting around twenty-four minutes. Directed by Takuya Asaoka, the series stars Ayano Shibuya (Maidena Ange), You Taichi (Toxico Dannar), Yuna Kamakura (Hanabata Nohkins), and Karin Isobe (Kyan Hitamu).

As for the second part of the Harem Ecchi series, so far we know everything. Studio TNK has not yet renewed the anime for another season. Also, no other company involved in the production and distribution of the series has made any official statement on the future of the series, and no message was left for fans in the final episode of Season 1 either. The first episode of the anime comprises five of ten published tankoubon volumes of Taichi Kawazoe’s manga series of the same name.

So the creators have more than enough material to produce at least one more episode. Unfortunately, while this is good news, the anime failed to significantly increase domestic manga sales, which is considered a critical factor for anime renewal. The series had average ratings on MyAnimeList, which is not unexpected for an anime of this genre. As the censored version of the series failed to be licensed by a major streaming platform outside of Japan, international streaming revenue suffered a significant setback.

For the above reasons, it will be crucial for the anime’s return that the Blu-ray/DVD sales of the uncensored version of the harem anime bring in enough money to make another sequel financially viable for the creators. Even if it does, given the current situation, it will take a long time, so fans will have to wait a long time. Assuming things ultimately work out for the better, Immoral Guild Season 2 will release sometime in Q4 2025 or later.

Immoral Guild Season 2 Plot: What can it be about?

In Season 2, Kikuru will continue to train Hanabata Nohkins, Toxico Dannar, Maidena Ange, and Hitamu Hitamuki Kyan. As the monsters outside the walls of Mebuki continue to attack women, Kikuru must investigate to find out the reason behind these strange phenomena. Also, there’s a chance he’ll get some new recruits that will only give him more headaches and make his life even more complicated. The upcoming season could finally give Kikuru a chance to get closer to his dream of retirement and a normal life.