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HyunA denies rekindling romance with Dawn

January 12, 2023

HyunA has broken her silence on claims that she and ex-boyfriend Dawn have rekindled their romance. After they split in November 2022, the female idol denied the rumours.

HyunA and Dawn ended their six-year romance to the surprise of many. With many still hoping they will find each other again, rumors are spreading that they are now back together.

The rumors started when the Trouble Maker singer showed off her new lip piercing on Instagram. Since her ex-boyfriend also has the same piercing and happens to be in the same place, many are suggesting it could be a pair piercing between the two.

To put a stop to the rumours, their rep stressed that the claims were not true, eh soompi reported. The rep then revealed the exes are doing well and occasionally go out to dinner together as friends and good co-workers.

First off, HyunA announced in a statement on Instagram that she and Dawn have split. She simply said they broke up but decided to remain good friends and colleagues.

She then thanked her fans for their support and for always looking out for her. The next day, Dawn released an official statement about the split, revealing that he plans to take legal action against people who spread false information about her.

The fake post made it appear that Dawn left a comment claiming his former girlfriend hid her past from him and was secretly dating other men while they were still together, via his own Instagram. The malicious post also claimed that she was hiding a child she allegedly had during a brief high school romance, and that she also had the abortion.

Dawn clarified that he didn’t write the slanderous post and revealed that he will be taking legal action against the cowardly, filthy and pathetic individual behind it. He went on to say that even if he and HyunA broke up, she would remain precious to him, more sincere and cooler than anyone he’s met.

Dawn even insisted that he would continue to love her the most. Please don’t live like this and use your precious time in a good place, he wrote.

HyunA and Dawn have been together since 2016 but only made their relationship public in 2018. They initially denied the rumors that they were already in a relationship at the time, but eventually confirmed the news when Yonhap News reported that they personally revealed they had been dating for two years. At the time, a source said the then-couple wanted to publicly acknowledge their romance so they could confidently stand in front of their fans.