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Hyun Bin’s new film ‘The Point Men’ is now the Korean box office leader

January 25, 2023

Hyun Bin’s new film, The Point Men, is on the rise in Korean cinemas. A week after its theatrical release on January 17, the film has already reached more than a million viewers.

The Point Men tells the story of a diplomat and a National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent who risk their lives to rescue Korean hostages kidnapped in the Middle East. The film is based on an actual event in Afghanistan in 2017.

AllKpop noted that the film will continue its success at the box office throughout its run. It has topped the box office for a week since it was released.

The Korea Film Council noted that the film had already surpassed 1 million admissions as of January 24, making it the No. 1 box office during the Korean Lunar New Year.

The Point Men is the first Korean film to be shot in Jordan. But in addition to the Korean theatrical release, international fans also have the chance to see Hyun Bin’s new film. soompi revealed that the film will also be released in the US and Canada on January 27th.

Director Yim Soon Rye, who is also behind The Whistleblower and Little Forest, described the film as a story about the desperate situation of people saving people. She explained that the film focuses on the stories of people who will do anything to save others.

Inspired by real events, Hyun Bin’s film tells the story of innocent South Korean missionaries who were kidnapped and held hostage by the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2007. The incident happened while the 16 women and seven men were on a missionary tour of Ghazni Province, Afghanistan, sponsored by the Saemmul Presbyterian Church.

They were on a bus traveling from Kandhar to Kabul when the driver let two locals dressed as Taliban get on. After getting in, they started firing to try to stop the vehicle.

The Taliban kidnapped the Korean passengers and traveled through several locations over the next month in a group of two or three people. The group took further steps to carry out its hostage plan, urging the South Korean government to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan within the next 24 hours.

Negotiations began when the Taliban killed two people and threatened others to do the same. Finally, 19 hostages were released after more than a month.