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Hyun Bin stuns The Point Men co-star Hwang Jung Min’s question about relationship with Son Ye Jin

December 21, 2022

Hyun Bin seemed stunned when asked by The Point Men colleague Hwang Jung Min about his relationship with his wife Son Ye Jin. Although the two have been married for almost a year and have a child, the Deliver Us from Evil star couldn’t help but ask how long the couple has been dating.

Hyun Bin and Hwang Jung Min held a press conference for their upcoming movie The Point Men as the My Name is Kim Sam-Soon cast member via Son Ye Jin on Tuesday, December 20 at Megabox Seongsu in Seongdong-gu, Seoul spoke, he was asked a surprising question.

The 40-year-old revealed his Crash Landing on You co-star didn’t give him any advice while filming his latest film as she played a negotiator in her movie The Negotiation, so AllKpop. While he played the role of a kidnapper in her 2018 film, his character is very different in his new film.

So my wife, Son Ye Jin, didn’t give me any advice, he said. Hwang Jung Min then surprised him when he asked if they had been together during filming.

Hyun Bin revealed that they weren’t dating at the time. He later joked that he mistook his The Point Men co-star for a reporter, making everyone laugh.

Speaking about their film, Hyun Bin and Hwang Jung Min admitted that filming The Point Men was a challenge for them as most of the scenes were shot in Jordan where the scorching heat left them exhausted.

Although the film, based on the true events of the 23 South Korean missionaries who were kidnapped as hostages in 2007, was set to take place in Afghanistan, director Lim Soon Rye experienced various setbacks, so he decided to shoot in Jordan instead.

He told reporters at the event that they shot the film in the desert, in the scorching heat and in the slums, and even brought their own plane. But all their efforts paid off as they captured the desired message perfectly and didn’t use computer graphics for the incredible sequences.

Hwang Jung Min, who plays the role of diplomat Jung Jae Ho, said filming The Point Men wasn’t easy during the pandemic. They had to find the best place to look like Afghanistan amid a global health scare.

Hyun Bin, who portrays National Intelligence agent Park Dae Sik, also revealed that the extreme heat even affected their vehicles as the engines overheated. But his fascination with the plot and character of the series made him ignore these hardships.

The Point Men will be in local cinemas on January 18th.