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Hunter X Hunter Chapter 400 release date, spoilers: Phantom Squad and other characters will help find the Heil-Ly family hideout

December 20, 2022

The Phantom Troupe and several other characters will make an appearance in the upcoming Hunter x Hunter Chapter 400. The search for the Heil-Ly family’s hiding place continues. Will Nobunaga and Hinright finally find it this time?

Hinrigh has taken all possible measures to find the Heil-Ly family’s hideout after they failed in the last chapter. In Hunter x Hunter Chapter 400 they will finally get each other’s help.

Nobunaga and Hinrigh have doubts about the family they found the hideout with in the previous chapter. They believe they were deceived after being evicted from the place.

Therefore, in the new chapter, fans will experience the arrival of the Phantom Troupe along with the Xi-Yu and Cha-R families. You will try to find the mysterious hideout of the Heil-Ly family in the Black Whale.

Fans saw Hinrigh spit out the transmitter he had swallowed from his mouth and hid it in the hideout. From there they will attempt to locate the Heil-Ly family’s true hiding place in Hunter x Hunter Chapter 400.

Manga creator Yoshihiro Togashi also hinted on his Twitter account that Kurapika will appear in the upcoming chapter. So it could be that this time several characters find their way into the series.

Meanwhile, in Hunter x Hunter Chapter 399, titled Expulsion, Hinrigh concluded that the Heil-Ly family used warp powers to travel by ship. Wang told him that the Phantom Troupe had started searching the enemy’s hideout.

Feitan, Nobunaga, and Phinks entered room 3101 to demolish the wall while carefully examining the area through the hole they drilled in the bathroom wall. However, when Nobunaga and Phinks stepped into the passageway, a flashback to the Phantom Troupe in Meteor City began.

There, Frankling, Shalnark, and Chrollo feuded with Uvojin and Phinks over the new VHS content everyone wanted. From there, the kidnappers came to the city.

In the previous chapter, Nobunaga and Hinrigh were investigating the Heil-Ly family’s hideout and discovered a room where eight family members were discussing something. The two tried to attack her, but their action was quickly nullified by Terebellum’s damaging ability called Home Sweet.

The ability helped the caster pass on any damage while Yokotami used his Nen technique, A Battle of Wits LSDF, to summon a group of guards that forced Nobunaga and Hinrigh to leave the location and take them back to room 3101 sent.

You can see what’s next when Hunter x Hunter Chapter 400 launches on Monday, December 26th.