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Hunter X Hunter Chapter 400 Release Date, Spoilers: Nobunaga, Hinrigh finally find the Heil-Ly family hideout, ready to attack

December 22, 2022

The hunt for the Heil-Ly family hideout continues in Hunter x Hunter Chapter 400. This time Nobunaga and Hinrigh get help, will they finally succeed?

Hinrigh placed a transmitter in Heil-Ly’s family hideout room before he and Nobunaga were taken back to room 3101 in the previous chapter. So can they go back and find the enemy’s true hideout in Hunter x Hunter Chapter 400?

The team will use the transmitter to find the Heil-Ly family’s hideout without using the magical spell in room 3101 that got them there. This time they will enlist the help of the Phantom Troupe and the Xi-Yu.

Kurapika may also appear in this chapter. Nobunaga will rejoin Phinks and Feitan will try to find the hiding place using the transmitter.

They believe it’s either in Tier 2 or Tier 4 so they will go to those locations to confirm their guess in Hunter x Hunter Chapter 400. Feitan asks Phinks to use En to find it, but he knows it won’t work in the crowd.

Three members of the Phantom Troupe head to Level 4, but the distance to the transmitter increases, confirming that the hideout is on Level 2. When it is actually in level 2, it starts to confuse them why Morena Prudo decides to start a war.

But since she has already killed several mafia members, there is no turning back now. They head to the Tier 2 Cha-R lair while Nobunaga suggests they should have Franklin by their side for extra manpower.

They are unaware of the full extent of the Heil-Ly family’s power. From there, an announcement is made asking everyone to give their full attention.

Hunter x Hunter Chapter 400 then refocuses on the story arc of Fugetsu Hui Guo Rou and Kacho Hui Guo Rou. When Fugetsu’s older twin sister, Kacho, died, she protected them as a clone.

However, it looks like someone cursed Fugetsu since she is surrounded by ghosts. Melody also returns and asks some questions as the new chapter ends with Kurapika’s long-awaited comeback.

Other news is that the manga is going on an indefinite hiatus after the release of Hunter x Hunter Chapter 400. When he returns the publication will change and will likely be bi-weekly or monthly.

She also reveals that her editorial team will support creator Yoshihiro Togashi until he finishes the manga. That could mean it will be put on indefinite hiatus pending a decision on its release.

Hunter x Hunter Chapter 400 will be released on Sunday December 25th.