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‘Hunter X Hunter’ Chapter 399 release date, spoilers: The Heil-Ly family hideout

December 15, 2022

Hunter x Hunter Chapter 399 spoilers are now out, revealing that Nobunaga and Hinrigh have finally found Heil-Ly’s hideout. Titled Aufbruch, the new duo begin their investigations, even though Heil-Ly’s boss, Morena Prudo, isn’t there.

Warning! The following content contains major Hunter x Hunter Chapter 399 spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Nobunaga and Hinrigh find no one in the hideout, but are confident that someone is with the several civilians who have disappeared. This gives Nobunaga the idea that these people might be allies of the Heil-Ly family, and he realizes it’s probably a trap.

Hinrigh tries to comfort Nobunaga, stating that the civilians could be killed and taken somewhere else. So instead of checking the laundry room, they go to the last room and see the eight Heil-Ly members, Terebellum, Yokotani, Orarge, Gelato, Soufflé, Montblanc, Chiffon, and Perigord.

Fearing that the room contains a trap, they stand by the door while Hinrigh throws a knife at Terebellum, but to no avail. The eight are undeterred by their arrival at their hideout, not even flinching a bit.

Yokotani even approaches her and introduces himself since he already knows the two of them. However, sensing the taunt, Nobunaga throws his katana at him, which surprisingly doesn’t affect him further.

Later, the enemy uses their technique to drive off Hinrigh and Nobunaga. He possesses the defensive ability to ward off intruders trying to get into their lair, especially where Morena is located.

Meanwhile, in Chapter 398 of Hunter x Hunter, Nobunaga, Phinks, and Feitan were looking for the Heil-Ly family and trying to decipher the spell in room 3101. They invaded the room next to it to force the occupants to go through the toilet to the trap room.

They did as they were asked, but they didn’t leave as expected. The three then asked them to leave the room through the door where the trap was believed to be set, but they were not transported any further.

Nobunaga then ordered them to return to the room, but they saw this as their chance to escape, but Feitan caught them. With no other choice, they entered the room through the main door, confirming everyone’s suspicion that the spell had been set in the main entrance when the family disappeared.

From there, Nobunaga and Hinrigh use themselves as bait to see the Heil-Ly family hideout, and what happens from here can be seen when Hunter x Hunter Chapter 399 comes out on Sunday 18th December .