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‘Hunter X Hunter’ Chapter 396 Release Date, Spoilers: The continuation of the Phantom Troupe’s backstory, the search for the Heil-Ly family’s hideout and the revelation of the kidnappers

November 24, 2022

Hunter x Hunter Chapter 396, titled Founding: Part 2, continues the Phantom Troop backstory that began in the previous chapter. The diabolical gang of thieves is looking for the Heil-Ly family’s hideout. Will they finally find one of the biggest mafia families in the Kakin Empire?

Hunter x Hunter Chapter 395 saw Nobunaga, Phinks and Feitan searching for the Heil-Ly family’s hideout. At the same time, the flashback gave a glimpse of the squad’s younger selves when they were still in Meteor City. How will these twists continue in Hunter x Hunter Chapter 396?

Fans have seen the children’s version of Chrollo, Franklin and Shalnrak while mysterious kidnappers have kidnapped many children around town. The preceding events also hinted at the possibility of learning more about the background to the kurta massacre.

In the next episode, fans could find out who is behind the kidnapping and witness how they are caught. Life in Meteor City looks pretty tough, but the kids are innocent.

However, it remains to be seen what Father Lizores intends to do with Chrollo. There are theories that the kidnappers want to capture the children to use them as mafia personnel in Hunter x Hunter Chapter 396.

So who could they be? It is suspected that Uvojin, Shalnark and Franklin are behind the kidnapping. Therefore, Chrollo and Pakunada could do their best to save the children from their kidnappers.

Meanwhile, in Hunter x Hunter Chapter 395, titled The Foundation: Part 1, Hinrigh’s suspicion that the Heil-Ly family successfully got to the other parts of the ship through the ship’s warp abilities. Wang told him that the squad had already started searching for the enemy’s hideout.

From the next room, Nobunaga, Phinks, and Feitan entered room #3101 and planned to break through the wall there. First, they examined the area by going through the bathroom wall.

After entering the hallway, Nobunagas and Phinks’ conversation triggers the start of a Phantom Troupe flashback that takes them back to when they were kids in Meteor City. Young Chrollo, Franklin and Shalnark were seen arguing with Uvojin and Phinks because they wanted to watch something new on videotapes.

Chrollo smuggled the videotape away from the two and dubbed the clip with the help of Pakunada and others. From there, a group of kidnappers came to Meteor City to capture some children.

You can see what’s next when Hunter x Hunter Chapter 396 comes out on Monday, November 28th.