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Hulu’s Extraordinary Season 2: Possibilities explored

January 25, 2023

Created by Emma Moran, superhero comedy series Extraordinary centers on Jen, a powerless woman who experiences the complexities of adulthood. However, Jen’s life changes when she learns the truth about the stray cat who has been harboring her. The British series is steeped in surrealism and comedy, turning the tropes of the superhero genre on its head by rooting it in the uncertainties of life in the 1920s. If you enjoyed the series’ unique approach to the saturated superhero genre and its handling of mature themes, you’re probably wondering if there will be a second season. Allow us to explore the possibilities of Extraordinary Season 2 and share the details we have!

Extraordinary Season 2: will it happen?

‘Extraordinary’ was released on Hulu on January 25, 2023. Outside the United States, the series is also available on Disney+ under the Star brand. The first season of the series consists of eight episodes, each lasting about 30 minutes. She received mixed reviews from critics. Along with Wedding Season, the series is one of the first UK productions for Disney+ content brand Star.

As for a second season, the creators of the series have not yet confirmed it. The streaming platform will take a few weeks to evaluate the series’ performance before deciding on its future. Given the narrative flow of the first season, it’s certain that there will be a second season. The series explores the complexities of life in the 1920s and the resulting existential crisis through the prism of surrealism and superhero genre tropes. So there’s a lot of thematic conflict for the writers to explore in a possible second season.

The first season follows Jen as she discovers her superpowers. Meanwhile, Jen helps Jizzlord, a shapeshifting man who spent the last three years of his life as a cat. At the end of Season 1, Jen still hasn’t discovered her power. Her existential crisis and self-loathing continue, leaving the series’ central conflict unresolved. The season finale also leaves many important storylines unanswered. Viewers have yet to learn more about Jizzlord’s past and life before he became a cat. Carrie and Kash’s future is also uncertain after their split in the finale.

From a narrative standpoint, there is certainly room for more episodes following Jen, Jizzlord, Carrie and Kash’s journey. However, the chances of the series being renewed for a second season depend on how viewers see it. If the series exceeds the streaming platform’s viewer expectations, it could get the green light for a second season in the near future. Assuming season two is announced in the coming months, production could begin in late 2023. Consequently, a possible second season of Extraordinary could not hit our screens until the third quarter of 2024 at the earliest.

A potential second season will likely focus on Jen and Jizzlord’s romantic relationship. However, their relationship could be jeopardized by revelations about Jizzlord’s past. Viewers might learn some dark secrets about Jizzlord’s past, and that might make Jen question his presence in her life. Meanwhile, Kash could be trying to rejoin his vigilante group after breaking up with Carrie. On the other hand, Carrie could be looking for a new job that isn’t dictated by her relationship or her superpowers. At the same time, we could learn more about the clinic as it tries to discover its powers.