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How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) Season 4: Dramatic Comedy Series

July 30, 2021

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) Season 4: Dramatic Comedy Series

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) ”is a dramatic comedy that follows the scandalous story of a high school student who becomes one of the world’s largest online drug dealers. The German series is one of Netflix’s most popular offerings in the country and has kept audiences fascinated for several seasons with its fast-paced and unpredictable storyline and wacky characters who find themselves in situations no teenager has ever seen before. But they are not normal teenagers.

Created by Philipp Käßbohrer and Matthias Murmann, the series never fails to raise the stakes for its leads, and season 3 ends in a violent clash with reality. However, Moritz, the leader of MyDrugs, seems to have more plans up his sleeve. Could the sequel be yet to come? Here’s everything we know about “How to Sell Medication Online (Fast)” Season 4.

How to Sell Drugs Online Season 4 Release Date (Quick)

Season 3 of “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” premiered on Netflix on July 27, 2021. The 6 episodes, each lasting between 30 and 35 minutes, were released simultaneously, giving them viewers the opportunity to observe the season, which lasts a little over 3 hours, but has a great impact.

As for season 4, there has been no official announcement as to when it will be released and therefore the possibility of a future season remains uncertain. The series has attracted many fans around the world since its premiere in 2019. Season 3 is very likely to have favorable viewership numbers, which is still an important factor in getting a show renewed for later seasons.

However, some details from season 3 seem to indicate that the series is ending, at least for now. Like the anonymous documentarian who interviews protagonist Moritz, many long-standing jokes are finally unraveled and revealed. Another factor that could be very significant for the future of the series is that its main characters, who until now were minors in high school, are now over 18 years old, which would make them a completely different category from criminals. and perhaps it would undermine some of them. original premise of the show.

For now, it is difficult to say for sure whether How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) will be renewed for another season or not. Season 3 was approved about a week after the 2020 season 2 premiere, so if Netflix goes ahead with another season, we might find out pretty quickly. If so, a possible Season 4 of “How to Sell Medicines Online (Fast)” will likely air in mid-2022.

The cast of season 4 of How to sell drugs online (fast): Who can be a part of it?

The series follows the famous online drug market MyDrugs, run by Moritz, Lenny and Daniel. Maximilian Mundt, Danilo Kamperidis and Damian Hardung play these characters respectively, while Lena Klenke plays Lisa, Moritz’s girlfriend. The supporting characters in the series are Fritzi (Leonie Wesselow), Jens (Roland Riebeling), Moritz’s father, Marie (Jolina Amely Trinks), Gerda (Luna Baptiste Schaller) and Kira (Lena Urzendowsky), Lenny’s hacker girlfriend.

Markoesa Hamer and Hannah van Lunteren play the famous Dutch drug dealers Marlene and Beeke respectively, while Ruben Brinkman plays his deadly partner Maarten. The eventual season 4 will likely see the return of all previous cast members, with the notable exception of Markoesa Hamer, whose character is killed in season 3.

How to sell drugs online (fast) Plot of season 4: What can it be?

Season 3 follows the escalation of a dispute between the high school students who run MyDrugs and their Dutch vendors who insist on continuing and increasing operations. Things start to get dangerous and Moritz, in an attempt to get rid of them and raise the million euros needed for the experimental therapy Lenny needs to survive, gets them to stop doing it and steals a large quantity of drugs from them in the resulting confusion. . In the end, the three cunning salesmen avoid jail time and go after the young men with vengeance. The season ends with Moritz in prison but on good terms with all of his friends. He also appears to be running a lucrative side business that strangely resembles his old business.

In a possible season 4, Moritz could escape from prison, alluded to in the season 3 finale, and regain his entrepreneurial spirit. The stakes are likely to be much higher, given that you will be constantly in the crosshairs of the police, and you will also have connections with nasty criminals, as has been the case in previous seasons. His relationship with his father, who now knows that his son is an international drug trafficker, will also be an interesting aspect that could be explored in another season, if it materializes.