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How old is Donnie Wahlberg? Age, Height, Wife, Children, Net Worth and Movies and TV Shows

September 29, 2022

Key Findings
The Wealth of Donnie Wahlberg
Are the Wahlbergs related by blood?
early years
career in acting
individual life

Donald Edmond Wahlberg Jr. is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, record producer and film producer and was born on August 17, 1969. He was a founding member of the boy band New Kids on the Block. Outside of music, he has had roles in the films Saw, Zookeeper, Dreamcatcher, The Sixth Sense, Righteous Kill, and Ransom. He also played Carwood Lipton in the WWII miniseries Band of Brothers.

From 2002 to 2003 he starred in the crime drama Boomtown. He has played Danny Reagan in the drama series Blue Bloods since 2010. Since 2014, he has also served as executive producer on the TNT reality series Boston’s Finest. He received a Choice Scream nomination at the 2006 Teen Choice Awards for his work in the Saw films. He also produced and starred in the series Rock This Boat, Donnie Loves Jenny and Return of the Mac for Pop TV. He created and starred in the series Wahlburgers for A&E TV.

The Wealth of Donnie Wahlberg

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Donnie’s value is estimated at $25 million. He made that money through a variety of ventures, including his businesses, his acting roles, and his time in boy band New Kids on the Block.

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Are the Wahlbergs related by blood?

Indeed they are. Donnie’s parents were Alma Elaine, a bank teller and nurse’s assistant, and Donald Edmond Wahlberg senior, a teamster who worked on a delivery truck. He is the seventh child out of nine. Donnie Wahlberg’s siblings include Mark, his younger brother Arthur, Jim, Paul, Robert, Tracey, Michelle and Debbie.

He also has three half-siblings named Donna, Scott and Buddy from his father’s first marriage. Donnie Wahlberg’s Musical Groups Along with Jonathan and Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg and Danny Wood, he was a founding member of the boy band New Kids on the Block.

They later formed NKOTBSB, an American boy band supergroup composed of members of New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys.

Movies and TV series with Donnie Wahlberg He began performing in the 1990s, starring in the movie Bullet Mickey Rourke and Tupac Shakur. He also had an appearance in the 1996 film Ransom as a kidnapper.

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early years

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Donald Edmond Wahlberg Jr., better known as Donnie Wahlberg, was born on August 17, 1969 in Boston, Massachusetts. He grew up in the Dorchester neighborhood, which is predominantly Irish-American. Donald, a truck driver, and Alma, a nurse’s assistant, had a total of nine children, of which Donnie was the eighth. Mark Wahlberg, an actor, musician and producer friend, is his younger brother. Wahlberg is distantly related to Nathaniel Hawthorne through his mother.

The family was very close and often attended church together as Donnie was growing up. However, having such a large family was not without problems; the siblings fought constantly and the family often struggled to make ends meet. When Donnie was 12 years old, her parents separated. While the other siblings either lived alone as adults or moved in with their father, he and Mark decided to stay with their mother.

When Donnie started kindergarten in the 1970s, there was a heated debate in Boston about making buses compulsory to enforce desegregation in public schools. To go to the predominantly African American William Monroe Trotter School To get there, Wahlberg had to take the bus for an hour every day.

With the help of his African American friends, Wahlberg got to know and love the increasingly popular rap and soul music. Growing up, Michael Jackson was his idol. Sitting on the bus in the afternoons and writing rap rhymes with his friends that had a big influence on him, Wahlberg sees the time spent on the bus to school as one of the best things that has ever happened to him and his career.

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career in acting

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Bullet, starring Mickey Rourke and Tupac Shakur, was Wahlberg’s first feature film debut. That same year, he starred opposite Mel Gibson as the kidnapper in the film Ransom. In 1999, Wahlberg starred opposite Rose McGowan in the indie film Southie, set in south Boston. When he was offered the lead role in Boogie Nights, his brother Mark had to turn down the offer he had originally been made. Donnie received some positive reviews for his performance as Danny Quinn in the short film.

Donnie received further critical acclaim in 1999 for a tiny role in the film The Sixth Sense and for his portrayal of Second Lieutenant C. Carwood Lipton in the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers. In 2003, Donnie Wahlberg starred in the Stephen King adaptation of the alien invasion thriller Dreamcatcher. In 2005, Wahlberg starred in the sequel to the critically acclaimed Saw film series. In 2006, he had a small role on the CW show Runway. In 2007, Donnie appeared in two television series: The Kill Point and Kings of South Beach on A&E. He starred in both What Doesn’t Kill You and Righteous Kill in 2008.

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individual life

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In 1991, Donnie Wahlberg was accused of setting fire to the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. When Wahlberg spilled vodka on a hallway carpet and set it on fire, NKOTB were in the midst of enjoying themselves with fans. After Donnie agreed to participate in fire safety and drunk driving commercials, the case was reduced to a misdemeanor and dropped.

Wahlberg was married to Kim Fey from 1999 to 2008. In 2014, he married the comedian and model jenny mcarthy, with whom he has two daughters. Together with his brothers Paul and Mark, he is the owner of the fast food brand Wahlburgers, which is mentioned in the show.