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How old is Avery Cyrus? Meet Jo Jo Siwa’s new partner

September 26, 2022

Key Findings
Age, Boyfriend, Bio, and other information about Avery Cyrus
Avery Cyrus’ estimated net worth as of 2022.
Early years of Avery Cyrus
Are Avery Cyrus and Miley Cyrus related?

Jojo Siwa publicly announces her relationship with Avery Cyrus (no, not from the Cyrus family). On September 13, the couple made a video official on TikTok. The young couple was captured kissing in a Chuck E. Cheese photo booth. Siwa and Cyrus made their red carpet debut at the premiere of Alanis Morisette’s musical Jagged Little Pill in Los Angeles. Now everyone wants to know more about Cyrus.

Age, Boyfriend, Bio, and other information about Avery Cyrus

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Avery Cyrus, who was born on May 23, 2000 is 22 years old today. Thanks to her exceptional skills, Avery has managed to make her mark on social media. Her refusal to make boring or pointless videos is a key factor in her being known and respected among her peers. She grew up in a stable environment, and much of her wealth today comes from her social media platforms.

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Avery Cyrus’ estimated net worth as of 2022.

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Avery Blanchard, aka Avery Cyrus, is one of the most captivating Tik Tok stars. She is also an Instagram celebrity, powerful social media influencer, YouTuber and entrepreneur. Her estimated net worth is between $1 million and $2 million.

She has generated a large part of her income from social media platforms and is better known than most of her peers. Thanks to her extraordinary skills, she is now extremely wealthy and well known on social media for her videos.

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The early years of Avery Cyrus

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According to the reports, Avery Cyrus was fortunate to be born into a stable home. your mother is Sylvia Flores Bugarinand her father, Scott Blanchard, is a successful businessman, although more information about her family is not yet available.

She is said to have a little brother named Jake, according to Instagram. Avery Cyrus has three brothers: Braison, Trace and Christopher, and a stepsister named Brandi. Colleyville Heritage High School served as Avery’s school. She earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Houston and graduated. After that, Averys gave up all other employees in favor of social networks.

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Are Avery Cyrus and Miley Cyrus related?

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There is no family connection between Avery and Miley Cyrus, despite Avery’s social media pages suggesting so. Avery goes by the surname Blanchard, not Cyrus.

While some people believe Avery’s success stems from her connection to the Cyrus family, she carved her fan base all by herself. Cyrus is actually a relatively common surname, especially in the entertainment industry.

However, Miley also has other relatives who are in show business. Both his participation in Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road and his smash song Achy Breaky Heart put her father Billy Ray Cyrus on the map.

Noah Cyrus, Miley’s younger sister, has worked hard to build her career as a singer over the past few years. Her first track Make Me (Cry), which she released in 2015, openly describes her struggles with mental health. In 2022 she released the four-song EP Every Beginning Ends, which is her latest work.

In addition to her younger sister, Miley has three brothers: Braison, her half-brothers Trace and Christopher, and an older half-sister named Brandi.