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Hospital Playlist Special Episode Release Date And Spoilers

August 1, 2021

K-dramas are good for telling a story. Specifically, medical K-dramas are the fan-favorite category because they get a great insight into the lives of frontline workers and have a feel for what they face on a daily basis. While most medical K-dramas are serious and sometimes romantic, Netflix and TVN’s Hospital Playlist is a poignant series that focuses on the lives of five doctors who have been friends since college.

While the series returned with its season 2 in June 2021, fans are expecting the episode to release one day a week. Fans have been waiting for the new episode to be out on July 29, 2021, it was delayed due to unavoidable circumstances. Covid-19 cases are increasing in South Korea and the government is taking precautionary measures. The show’s production team had to take a week hiatus due to an overlapping schedule on set.

What about the special episode of Hospital Playlist?

To catch up on the new episode, the TVN channel announced a special episode or “episode 6.5” to make up for episode 7. The episode title is “Hospital Playlist Season 2: Hard Trick”. It was released on July 29 on the TVN channel. It is also available on other Korean drama sites like Dramacool.

The Hospital Playlist special episode focused on the main cast taking the comment table and having fun. Actors Jeon Mi Do, Kim Dae Myung, Jo Jung Suk, Yoo Yeon Seok, and Jung Kyung Ho met and talked about how they were cast for the series and other experiences. They also visited and reacted to the scenes they filmed. They talked about how they felt during those particular scenes. In one of the scenes, Jeon Won was kissing Gyeol Wool outside the car and Yoo Yeon Seok talked about how he felt during this scene and other anecdotes. The episode also gave viewers a glimpse on set and in the middle of filming. Valuable behind the scenes of our favorite people and our doctors on the reel other than the main cast. The episode is heartwarming, exciting, healthy, and fun at the same time.

When will the new episode air?

After the special Hospital Playlist episode airs, the new release date for Episode 7 is August 5. It will air on TVN and Netflix for viewers around the world. The new episode will focus on new interns trying to get used to their new professional life. For doctors, they won’t be free either! Ik Jun and Sun Hwa go camping. Jeong Won and Gyu Wool will also have their time. Yang Suk Hyung might have a new lover, while Jun Wan hasn’t forgotten about his ex yet and spends his time at work.

What happened in the last episode?

The final episode begins by welcoming the new interns who were previously medical students. While the inmates choose their respective apartments, the residents try to sell them their apartment. The episode focuses on the fact that doctors are human too. The emotional connection that a doctor can form with his patients if they find something relevant. From neurosurgery resident Seong Yeong, who was worried about the patient who needed urgent surgery because he was from the same city. Or Chang Min, a cardiothoracic surgery resident, feeling bad for a baby patient of the same name. The episodes perfectly focused on things big and small.

Doctors / teachers who are 40 years old and are performing surgery have yet to learn some things in life. Like Song Hwa, who must learn to say no and stop overworking according to Ik Jun. Jun Wan needs to talk about his feelings because he hasn’t forgotten about his ex yet. He must also learn to live only because Jeong Won will ask him the question.

As Dr. Jang doubts her ability to perform a major operation, she calls Ik Jun for help. Trying to comfort her after the operation, he tells her about the mistakes Jeon Won made as an intern. Talking about their day at dinner, right before the group’s rehearsal, the other four learn that Ik Jun made Jeong Won mad at him and try to tell his girlfriend the truth. This moment also makes them talk about the mistakes they made during their internship.