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‘Hospital Playlist’ Season 3 Update: Yoo Yun Suk ready for another season

March 30, 2022

Many are still waiting for Hospital Playlist season 3 to come. Although the director himself has said she might not come, the cast remains hopeful.

One of them is Yoo Yun Suk. Of course, he knows that filming Hospital Playlist Season 3 is difficult, but he’s still willing to do it.

In an interview for the film Vanishing (via AllKpop) the 37-year-old actor said if a new season was produced, he would certainly be in. However, he clarified that there are no firm plans for a new episode just yet and it might not be easy to do another season.

The actors that fans have seen as interns, residents, and supporting characters are all busy with other projects now. So it would be difficult to get them all for another season.

However, everyone is imploring director Shin Won Ho to do a third season, but there is no concrete plan yet, he continued. It wasn’t the first time a cast member had spoken out about Hospital Playlist Season 3.

In fact, Jung Kyung Ho shared a photo of the cast of the series back in February, which caused fans to riot. Of course, that made everyone think there was going to be a new season and that they were probably working on it.

The group wore their signature smocks and coats and appeared to be conversing, as they did on the show. Kim Daemyung posted the same photo along with a selfie showing their reunion.

As fans, the cast members have expressed interest in another season, as Inquirer Pop reported. However, the production team has not yet confirmed if there will be one.

Shin Won Ho admitted that there were still many stories to be told for each character, but he couldn’t deny that making the series was exhausting. So it could be that the third season won’t be coming anytime soon.

Although he seemed willing to do so, he had a hard time deciding for everyone whether he would continue the story.

The original plan was to continue the series for three years. However, he told the cast members they weren’t committed to the new season and could take on other projects.

Still, he gave everyone hope when he said that if they could come back later, they could do it, but he clarified that there are no concrete plans for Hospital Playlist Season 3 at the moment.