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Hospital Playlist Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date

July 6, 2021

Hospital Playlist Season 2 Episode 4 is coming out soon. Hospital Playlist is an ongoing South Korean television series. It began airing its second season recently. It stars Jo Jung-suk, yoo yeon-seok, Jung Kyung-ho, Kim Dae-Myung, and Jeon Mi-do. Drama. Also, even though fans and viewers thought the show couldn’t get any better, they released the beautiful season 2. Fans just love the everyday concept of the drama. We see five friends in their forties whose friendship began in high school. Also, we see them go through their lives as amazing and hardworking doctors.

Lee Ik Jun stole everyone’s heart in season one and continues to do so until now. He is the single father of his young son and despite his busy job as a doctor, he cares for his son carefully and appropriately. Then there is our friend from the band, Ahn Jeong Won, who is good at everything. We see how much doctors suffer trying to save others. Due to the scars of the patients that he could not treat properly, he had secretly wanted to become a priest. After Ahn Jeong Won comes the group’s cold but caring friend, Kim Jun Wan. He is able to show his kind side when he is with his friends or with certain patients.

The fourth person in the group is Yang Seok-Hyeon. He is very introverted and can also seem very distant from everyone, which is not true. Finally, the only girl in the group, Chae Song-Hwa, arrives. She is one of the few people you can meet without finding fault with them.

The first season of this fun drama began airing on March 12, 2020. It has improved our quarantine time with twelve splendid episodes. The fans enjoyed every Thursday for that. But it stopped airing on May 28. This telenovela has become one of the most popular of the year 2020. We follow the lives of the four friends in the hospital that they consider to be the place of birth and where the most people die. Also, these people also have a rock band. In fact, it is a very light drama that tells the story of five friends who remain good friends even after twenty years.

In addition, given the success of the first season, Hospital Playlist has begun broadcasting its second season. Like the first season, the second will also have twelve episodes. It began airing on June 17, 2021 and will run until September 2. And like the last time, its episodes will air every Thursday of every week on TVN. So far, the second season of the series has aired three episodes.

hospital playlist Season 2 Episode 4 Release date and location

Hospital Playlist Season 2 Episode 4 will be released on July 8, Thursday. International fans will be able to watch it on Netflix, while Korean viewers will be able to watch it on tvN.

The third episode of the drama, which came out on July 1, gave us a lot of information about love. He taught us about the different types of love, such as romance and friendship, and how they affect a person’s life. The episode showed us this through the five friends themselves. The episode began with friendly interactions between the Yulije Medical Center doctors and their patients. Then he focused on the relationships of the group of friends.

Chae Song Hwa asks Lee Ik Jun for help

While spending a moment of relaxation with Lee Ik Jun, Chae Song Hwa shares with her her concerns about a patient. She tells him about a liver cancer patient who does not want an operation because he does not want his son to be hurt. Chae Song Hwa is sure they can help him, but the patient was also running out of time and Lee Ik Jun has to help him. Chae Song Hwa also revealed that she worked alongside Lee Ik Jun’s nemesis Baek Hyeong Do. She and Baek Hyeong Do were doing their best to get the patient back.

Like the good benevolent angel that he is, Lee Ik Jun puts his rivalry aside and agrees to help his friend Chae Song Hwa. After assuring the patient that the operation would go well if nothing went wrong, Lee Ik Jun and Baek Hyeon Do begin the operation. After that, they were delighted with the success of the operation.

Love is in the air for friends

We recall that a Song Hwa patient recommended his son to Song Hwa. And in Hospital Playlist Season 2 Episode 4, we see the patient’s son and Song Hwa meet. During their meeting, he had told her that he had always hidden his feelings for his best friend and that now he should remain his friend forever, and that he regretted not having confessed his feelings to him. He then asked Sog Hwa if she could identify with him or not. Now fans are wondering what’s going to happen. Will he confess his feelings to Ik-Jun and follow his heart or not? We are very excited.

Meanwhile, Seok Hyeong plays with his parents to find out when he will have a girlfriend. He had responded, like most of us, saying that he was happy to be single. But even that, fans are wondering if something is going to happen between him and Min-ah.

The haunting ending of the episode

After Jeong Wan does not accept the inheritance his mother gave him, he discovers something very disturbing. He had tried to find out where Ik Jun was and called him. But the person who answered his call was not Ik Jun, but a man who told him that Ik Jun had had a serious accident.

Preview Episode 4 of the Hospital Playlist

In the preview, we see that Kim Jung Wan is really stressed out. It seems that due to all the surgeries he is overworked and in danger of collapsing from the pressure. Furthermore, Jung Wan’s condition greatly worries the other four friends. It reminds us why Jung Wan secretly wanted to become a priest. Due to his busy schedule as a doctor, he had performed too many surgeries and was very stressed. He didn’t want to eat and felt like he was eating sand every time he ate something.

Of course, his friends were very worried about him. Viewers are also very concerned about him and want to rest. Your friends notice that you have lost a lot of weight. But like good friends, they stand by his side and try to take care of him. Her situation also illustrates the depression a doctor goes through. A doctor has witnessed many deaths, especially during the spread of the coronavirus. Doctors care for their patients and are heartbroken when their patient does not survive. In a way, the drama also tried to show us how brave doctors are and why we should respect them.

The rumors

In addition, another rumor spread among the hospital staff. However, it is not very clear. She may be related to Chae Song Hwa and Ik Jun, but it is unclear from the trailer. Also, in the preview, Chae Song Hwa can be seen telling Ik Jun that she may seem strange, and in another scene she says that she will not tell anyone the secret that Chae Song Hwa confides in her. Did Chae Song Hwa and Ik Jun start dating? Or are they hiding something else?