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HigeHiro episode 9 premiere date, preview, watch online

May 30, 2021

HigeHiro Episode 9 Release Date, Preview, Watch Online

Good morning to everybody ! The eighth episode of HigeHiro is now up on Crunchyroll and now everyone is very excited to see his next episode. So, today in this article we are going to talk about I Shaved. Then I took home a high school girl (hige wo soru) Episode 9 where we will discuss in detail its premiere date, preview, spoilers, and the English dub.

Based on the novels of Shimesaba “Hige or Soru. Soshite Joshi Kōsei or Hirō ”is an ongoing manga series written by Shimesaba and drawn by Adachi Imaru that is serialized in Monthly Shoten Ace.

It is currently one of the most popular romantic comedy series, known by many names in English such as “Shave my beard.” Then I pick up a high school girl “or” I shaved, then I brought a high school girl home. ” Contrary to its name, it is a very healthy and comfortable series that people of all ages can read and enjoy.

The series follows Yoshida, who is rejected by her boss who she had a crush on for a long time. While drunk and disappointed, on the way home he comes across a high school student, Sayu, sitting alone under a lamppost. Try to seduce Yoshida to get a place to spend the night. Yoshida declines her offer but invites her to his apartment anyway.

Release date and time for HigeHiro episode 9

HigeHiro Episode 9 titled “Past”
Transcription ”is scheduled for June 1, 2021 at 10:30 pm JST.
Transmission time varies depending on your geographic location. The departure time according to your location is as follows:

Pacific Time: 6:30 AM PT
Central Time: 8:30 am CT
Eastern Time: 9:30 am EST
UK time: 2:30 pm BST

As previously confirmed on Twitter, the first season of HigeHiro consists of 13 episodes that will air from April 5, 2021 to June 28, 2021. A new episode of the series will air every Monday at 10:30 a.m. pm JST. We have also prepared a release schedule to help you keep track of the premiere of episodes.

Episode 8 Summary

Previously in Higehiro, while they are working, Sayu and Asami begin to notice that a black car with tinted windows appears frequently in front of the store, as if to observe it. During a study session in the apartment, they begin to discuss their future and Sayu wonders what the future holds. At work, Mishima is clearly jealous of Gotou and Yoshida’s close relationship and decides to take her out for lunch to learn of Gotou’s true intentions.

One day Sayu and Yaguchi are on duty when the black car returns and a well-dressed man comes out and enters the store. Realizing that Sayu is uncomfortable, Yaguchi hides her in the principal’s office and talks to the man, and learns that he is Sayu’s older brother, Ogiwara Kazuto. Kazuto asks if Sayu works there, and he replies that he has never heard of her. After Kazuto leaves, Yaguchi tells her that it seems like Kazuto really wants to bring Sayu home, and she realizes that she has a choice to make.

Where to watch Hige wo Soru episode 9 online?

Viewers in the United States, Canada and Mexico can watch the ninth episode on Crunchyroll and VRV in its original Japanese version with English subtitles.

For South Asian fans, the good news is that the episode is available for free on the Muse Asia YouTube channel in English and Chinese. The chain offers its services in countries such as India, South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

Will the anime air on Netflix or Hulu?

If we’re talking about streaming on Netflix and Hulu, that won’t happen, at least not for a while. The series could be available on Netflix after the season ends.

When will Hige Wo Soru’s English dub be released?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there is no official confirmation of the release date for HigeHiro’s English dub. However, considering that anime streaming giant Crunchyroll, which has produced a lot of dubbing of its popular series lately, is streaming it, as well as the popularity of the original material in English-speaking countries, it’s relatively safe. Say an English dub will do it. to be announced very soon.

About the series

I shaved. Then I took home a high school girl which is a series of Japanese light novels written by Shimesaba with illustrations drawn by the two of them. It has been adapted into a manga series with 3 compiled volumes available. An anime adaptation of Project No. 9 is scheduled for January 2021.

Yoshida, an office worker, has been in love with her boss, Airi Gotou, for five years. Although he eventually got a date with her, his confession was quickly rejected. Drunk and disappointed, he stumbles home, but finds a high school girl sitting on the side of the road. The girl, who needs a place to spend the night,