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Higehiro Anime Episode 5 Release Date

April 28, 2021

In the morning, Sayu asks Yoshida to let her find a job and he accepts. She thought he wouldn’t do it because she’s the one who always does the housework. Sayu is shocked and he tells her that he is fine, but that he is not supposed to kneel to ask her. Yoshida realizes that staying home alone is not good for Sayu’s health and tells her to find the job she wants. He tells her that he knows a place where she can work with people her age. Sayu agrees and he reveals to her that he is at the nearby store.

Yoshida told him to make more friends; the next day, Sayu got a part-time job where she met Asami. Asami was impressed that she was working with a high school graduate. She taught Sayu how to handle chores and how to help clients. Later, after work, the two decided to go home. Asami asks Sayu where she lives and she replies that they are five minutes away. She also asks him if he can go see her to strengthen his work association. Sayu realizes that she is staying in a one-bedroom apartment with Yoshida.

Previously in Higehiro Episode 4

Asumi wonders why Sayu doesn’t give her a correct answer. Sayu responds that she is not sure that the person she lives with will allow her to bring a friend. Asami realizes that the way Sayu talks makes it seem like she doesn’t live with her family. She asks Sayu if she lives with her boyfriend or if he has run away. Sayu responds that he is not her boyfriend, that he is like a brother who takes care of her. Asami blushes and realizes that Sayu is hiding something. She comments that if he is like a brother it means something else.

Asami decides that she will come to visit him to see what kind of man Sayu is talking about. Sayu agrees, thinking that she should delay Asami’s visit, and Asami says that she will come today. Sayu wonders how she will explain to Yoshida and what Asami will think when she sees Yoshida. He realizes that Yoshida is a worker and that she is still a student.

Sayu doesn’t hesitate and sends a message to Yoshida. At work, Yoshida receives a text message saying: “The senpai from my work is coming, sorry, I couldn’t refuse, and she will be there until you get home, she is a girl, and I explained to her that you are like a eldest brother “. Mishina confronts Yoshida and wanted to see what he reads. Yoshida hides her phone. Hashimoto asks Yoshida if he told Mishina that he is staying with a student. Yoshida replies that her tongue slipped out and that she knows it.

Mishina is furious that Hashimoto was the first to find out before her. Gotou works nearby, listening to the trio. She is interested in Yoshida after rejecting him, but saw that Yoshida is not interested in her. Gotou realizes that Yoshida will never look back and that he has moved on. She knows that he fell in love with Sayu without knowing it, and she can’t help it. Later, Yoshida returns home and realizes that he has to meet Sayu’s friend.

When he knocks on the door, Sayu opens the door and Asami rushes in and says that he is an old man. He wonders what kind of older brother Sayu will stay with. Asami suspects that Yoshida might be flirting with Sayu, and that Yoshida might have run away with her. Asami congratulates Yoshida and comments that he is handsome and sexy. Yoshida wonders what kind of friend Sayu brought home. Asami comments that why does a college student live with a boy who is not her boyfriend.

She looks inside and comments that they even share a room, wondering what happens during the dark hours. But she’s relieved that the supposed older brother seems like a decent guy. They both enjoy dinner and Yoshida, and Sayu tells the story that they were childhood friends. They know that Asami will stop at nothing to find out why they stay together. Later, Yoshida met Gotou and they went on a date. He told Sayu that he was going to take Gotou home to meet her.

Release date of episode 5 of Higehiro

Higehiro Anime Episode 5 premieres on Monday, May 3, 2021 at 10:30 p.m. JST. You can watch the latest episode of HIGEHIRO online, on Crunchyroll.