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Here’s why ‘My Name’ star Lee Hak-Joo’s height will amaze you

December 9, 2021

Lee Hak-joo is now gaining traction following the success of the Netflix series My Name. Since many seem fascinated by his height, it looks like he just looks bigger on the small screen than he really is.

Lee Hak-joo graced Point of Omniscient Interfere and gave his fans an insight into his daily life away from the cameras. At that time he wore a three-piece suit that showed his charismatic charisma, which the moderators praised.

His perfect appearance drew everyone’s attention, and of course they couldn’t help but notice how tall he was. However, they were shocked to learn that it wasn’t as tall as it looked.

The MCs estimated he was about 180 cm tall, but Jun Hyun-moo disagreed. He said the actor was only 173.5 cm or 1.85 m tall. He even compared his size to that of the Netflix star to see the difference.

When the two stood next to each other, the audience was surprised that Lee Hak-joo was only a few centimeters taller than Jun Hyun-moo. So what was it that made it look so tall?

AllKpop found that it was his long legs. His hips were much higher than Jun Hyun-moo’s, which made him look taller.

Once the netizens heard the news, they couldn’t help but share their reactions in online communities. One fan said he was in good proportion. Another said he had super long legs and a small face, which made him look taller.

Lee Hak-joo gained attention when he played the role of Jeong Tae-joo in My Name. He was a member of the group that supported Choi Moo-jin, according to Korea Dispatch.

Since starring on the Netflix series, he has said in Park Ha-sin’s Cinetown that he has received many calls from his acquaintances. He also started searching for his name online and was surprised by the result.

The 32-year-old star revealed that he got on the show through an audition. Back then there were still free scripts for the roles of Jeong Tae-joo, Jeon Pil-do and Do Kang-jae.

He was then asked to choose the role he wanted to play and he chose Jeong Tae-joo. Although he found it difficult to get close to his fellow actors, he took part in a two-month training course at the action school that brought him closer to the others. Lee Hak-joo now praised Han So-hee for having very good stamina.