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Helsinki dies in Money Heist season 5 part 2?

December 5, 2021

In the months leading up to the robbery on the Royal Mint, the professor recruited several people based on their special skills. He hired the Serbian mercenary cousins ​​Mirko Dragic and Radko Dragić or Dimitri Mostovói (Roberto García Ruiz) because, as Tokyo says in their story, even the most sophisticated plans need soldiers. Miriko began using the code name Helsinki while Radko became Oslo. During the robbery, Helsinki was mainly responsible for monitoring the hostages. In season 2 he is forced to kill his cousin after an attack by one of the hostages left them in a vegetative state.

Helsinki and Nairobi live together in season 3 when Rio is arrested by authorities. Helsinki then joins the Bank of Spain robbery team. He is there when Gandia executes Nairobi. Later, when Sagasta and his people break into the bank, Helsinki is caught by an explosion and a statue falls on him, shattering his shin, thigh and knee. For most of Season 5 Part 2, Helsinki is bedridden. If you’re wondering if he will survive the last part of Money Heist, we have the solution for you. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Helsinki dying in Money Heist?

No, Helsinki doesn’t die in Money Heist Season 5 Part 2. In the final scene of the series, he boards a helicopter with his friends and leaves Spain. As before, he is also responsible for guarding the hostages in Part 2. His romantic relationship with Palermo also seems to have evolved significantly. After Rafael and Tatiana steal the gold from the professor and the rest of the storm tank crew, Palermo comes to Helsinki to tell him that they may not get out of the bank alive. Helsinki then reminds him of his promise to get him (Helsinki) out of there and adds that he doesn’t doubt it himself, even if the other man does.

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At that moment, Sagasta’s remaining soldiers begin Part 2 of their plan. In part 1 they have already defused all explosive charges at the three entrances. Sergeant Arteche pounces on Palermo and incapacitates him. The surgeons sent by the authorities turn out to be soldiers. They point their rifles at Helsinki and Arteche forces him to drop his assault rifle by threatening Palermo.

Helsinki is then taken from the stretcher and placed in a circle with the rest of the gang. Eventually, the professor forces Tamayo and the Spanish government to agree to his terms by threatening them with financial collapse. The government has no choice but to accept that instead of gold bars, brass bars will be in their treasury. The robbers then work with the government to make people believe they are dead. In the last sequence of the broadcast, Helsinki receives his passport and leaves Spain with the others. With their share of gold, he and Palermo can now lead happy lives.