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Hawkeye Episode 3 release date, time and storyline

December 2, 2021

Hawkeye is an American television series currently on the Disney+ Network is broadcast. The miniseries is based on the character of the same name and is set after the events of the film Avengers: Endgame Film.

The TV series was developed by Jonathan Igla and features Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld in the lead roles, while Tony Dalton, Fra Fee and Brian James can be seen in supporting roles. Hawkeye is one of the many Marvel television series that air on Disney +, and initial reactions are showing that the series caused quite a stir. Let’s talk about Hawkeye Episode 3 release date, time, and storyline.

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Hawkeye episode 1 and 2 recap

Both episodes 1 and 2 of the series were released together on the platform. In Episode 1, we return to 2012 in a scene from the first Avengers film where Hawkeye can be seen shooting arrows at his enemies. This time, however, we see it from the perspective of Kate Bishop, who is in awe of Clint.

She admires him and strives to become a hero like him. Although she loses her father in the incident, that doesn’t stop her from realizing her ambitions. A couple of years go by and we get to the current timeline where Bishop is attending an auction.

At the auction, she comes across the Russian tracking suit mafia, which causes a lot of chaos. She finds the ronin suit and puts it on to fight the gang. While pursuing Armand, she is cornered by members of the tracker gang. However, Barton arrives and saves her after seeing the news of Ronin’s suit.

Barton realizes the danger posed by the gang and decides to allow himself to be captured by them. Meanwhile, Bishop tries to convince her mother that Jack is involved in Armand’s death, but she fails. While she is investigating the gang, she too is captured. We see the leader of the gang Maya Lopez, who is informed of both.

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Hawkeye Episode 3 spoilers

In Hawkeye Episode 3 Spoilers, Lopez asks the two of them about Ronin and tells them that he was responsible for their father’s death. Barton manages to escape, but unfortunately he loses his hearing aid in the process. He frees Bishop and the two flee.

Barton and Bishop visit Bishop’s mother’s penthouse to look for Jack in the security database, but they are unable to break into it. Meanwhile, Barton confronts Jack, who is holding Ronin’s sword in his hand.

Hawkeye Episode 3 release date

Hawkeye Episode 3 is scheduled to be released on December 1, 2021 on the Disney + platform. Note that you will need a subscription to watch the episode. At the moment, Disney + is the only provider for streaming the Hawkeye TV series.

A total of 6 episodes of the series will be released. We already know the release dates of the first three episodes, but there is no news about the last three. It is to be hoped that Marvel will gradually announce the status of the upcoming episodes.

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