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Hawkeye Episode 3 release date, time, and spoilers

November 24, 2021

After facing some cosmic threats with the Avengers in the past, Clint Barton becomes involved in a conflict with a group of street villains in Hawkeye. The superhero series introduces Kate Bishop, a young archer who tries to follow in Clint’s footsteps. In the second episode, Clint tries to get the ronin suit back so that he and Kate can rid themselves of the dangers associated with the name. On the other hand, Kate tries to find clues to the mysterious death of Jack’s uncle, Armand Duquesne III.

In the end, Clint and Kate find themselves in a bind where all their skills and strengths are put to the test. The ending also adds a fan-favorite character from the Marvel Comics to spice things up. So all the ingredients come together to deliver an explosive third part of the series. We’re sure that viewers can’t wait to find out how Clint and Kate get out of a tough spot, and here is everything the skilled archers can expect in Hawkeye episode 3!

Hawkeye Episode 3 release date

‘Hawkeye’ Episode 3 will air on December 1, 2021 at 3 p.m. ET Disney + released. The series consists of six episodes, each 45-50 minutes long. The first two episodes were released together on the service on November 24, 2021. The remaining episodes will appear weekly on the streaming service on Wednesdays.

Where can I watch Hawkeye Episode 3 online?

To see Hawkeye’s third episode, head over to Disney +. Subscribers to the service will be able to stream the new episode from the date and time specified above. The series is exclusive to Disney + and a subscription to the service is required to view the latest episodes.

Hawkeye Episode 3 spoilers

‘Hawkeye’ Episode 3 will deal with the cliffhanger ending of Episode 2. Clint and Kate are both captured and interrogated by the Tracksuit Mafia. The gang believe that Kate is Ronin, one of their bitter enemies. Therefore, they will not easily spare the archer duo.

We will learn more about Maya Lopez, a young woman who holds a higher position in the gang hierarchy. Maya’s backstory could be linked to Clint’s time as a ronin. So the former avenger will be forced to face the sins of his past. Maya’s skilled assassin skills will inevitably come into play when Clint and Kate attempt to escape.

Clint has let himself be captured by the tracksuit mafia, so he probably has an evasive plan to escape. Clint could rely on his trick arrows to escape the Mafia, but whether he will be able to put an end to the Ronin debacle remains to be seen. We could also learn more about Jack’s real motivations and the extent of his involvement in his uncle’s death.