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Haikyuu Season 5: Release Date and Interesting Facts

May 10, 2021

After a hiatus of several months, season 4 of “Haikyu !!” ended in December 2020. Although there is no official confirmation for Season 5 yet, you must make sure that “Haikyu !!” will continue to use a later season.

The sports anime “Haikyu !!” is currently one of the most popular manga and anime series, and not just in Japan. Recently, the fourth season of this volleyball series ended after a hiatus. So fans are wondering what the odds are of seeing another season and, more importantly, how it might start.

Broadcast rights and revealed the next season of this popular anime in August 2020. So while Japanese fans are waiting for season 5, we have to wait for season four.

Haikyuu Season 5: Release Date

The last season of this series aired in 2020 in 2 parts due to the pandemic, and the initial 12 parts were released in early 2020, while the season ended in December.
There has been no official statement regarding the renewal of the series for another season, but using its immense popularity and fame, a person can look forward to another season anyway.

What will be the plot of Haikyuu season 5?

Haikyuu is based on the manga series created by Haruichi Furudate, which ended in 2020 with chapter 402 and volume 45 (the English translation has some supporting volumes). Season four ended in triumph, psychological design with Chapter 292, so there is still a lot to cover.

In Season 5, as stated in the manga, team members will participate in the Nekoma vs Karasuno match at the Dump, with many more to come, including some high-stakes competitions. There is a lot of beautifully drawn volleyball along the way. And Hinata will also be able to meet the participant who started it all for him, “the little giant”.

If the animated series follows the manga through the end of season 6 and possibly a season 7, fans may be in for a big surprise: the manga takes a leap in time and space, and even focuses on a related sport, but different.

The cast of Haikyuu season 5

As we saw in the previous season, many famous players take on the roles of pitchers and characters in the series. For Season 5, we also expect to see famous players like

Shoyo Hinata,
Ryunosuke Tanaka,
Daichi Sawamura,
Asahi Azumane,
Koshi Sugawara,
Tobio Kageyama,
Nishinoya and